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NetRoam is an unknown

Possible to import save games to other BLES versions?

I am completely new to this forum so forgive me if this has already been covered.

My original PES 2011 game disk has been used so much that it is now practically unusable. I then thought I would buy a new disk and continue my "Become a Legend" save game. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of the different BLES versions so I ended up buying the UK version (BLES 01020) but my original disk was the EU version (BLES 01021).

Is it possible somehow to either import or convert the EU save games to the UK version?

I hope you'll be able to help me out.

Best regards,


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i_hate_manutd is an unknown

when u install it nowadays, it'll be installed as 1.01 version and couldn't update to the latest official patch in-game.

if your original game is V1.03 with patch 7.00, the save wouldn't work in V1.01.

u have to download both v1.03 & patch 7.00 from 3rd party websites

(think its nothing to do with EU or UK version)
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