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Limphy is an unknown

need some tips

Ok, so i've recently started a new CMF/DMF player, based on the fact i always got a 7.5 rating playing on those positions as a RMF.

Overlooking the fact i got singed to a team without a CMF position, which then proceeded to sub me on DMF or occasionally RMF for most of the first season (ironic, i know), i continued to get ratings around 7.0 while getting playtime the last 30 minutes of matches..

However, as soon as i made it into the first squad for the entire 90 minutes, despite playing as well as before, my rating suddenly dropped to 6.0 or even 5.5 on some occasions!?

I know CMF should pass around a lot, as should DMF which i believe could also benefit from making an interception or two ... but despite fulfilling this, i get a completely shit rating?

PS: i'm a bit of a speedster, so i do run around the midfield and dribble a bit, but i still make most of passes and manage atleast 2,3 interceptions a match ... could my dynamic play style really drop my rating that much? And why was i getting awesome ratings for playing the same way while getting subbed in?

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Limphy is an unknown

Seriously, i don't get it ... i try running around, help in attack, and do it better than most of our offensive players, but i get 5.5 - 6.0 constantly ... then try playing a strictly defensive game (as a DMF), i get 15(17) passes, 7 interceptions, barely a 100 distance dribbled (playing 61 minutes in a 15 minute match), and i STILL get a 6.0!?

Is the rating system broken or am i missing something?

PS: to top it all off, the manager keeps instructing me to get 3 or more shots on target (as a dmf) ... sometimes i just don't know anymore..
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Varn is an unknown

15/17 passes aren't enough for CMF or DMF. try calling for the ball and keep passing to the offensive teammates. i usually have around 30-40 passes per match plus a few interceptions resulting in an average score right around 6.5. one or two shots on target might bring you a 7.0.

unfortunately PES forces you (even as a DMF) to take part in the attacking play, guess you have to deal with that otherwise BAL might become kind of frustrating.
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Bido0o is an unknown

Varn is right that you need more passes, and better if u have more completed passes...... And for me i think you as a DMF shouldn't be dribbling that much, just be the link between Atk and Def , And if you see that your strikers can't really get the ball into the box you should step a bit forward and add up to them to help in scoring a goal.

And for the rating system.... I know it's so dumb, but i think it's the Audience rating and audience barely admire the DMF role as they admire the Strikers or AMF roles.... Because those score, do fancy tricks, get past defenders, score goals, and like O___O "that was awesome!" so they get high ratings.... And for getting high ratings in your first games when you played only the last few minutes.... It's cause they really see improvement in the team's performance after you got in, so they like what you do over there..... And just once you started playing the whole 90 mins they just can't clearly see your role so you get lower ratings.

That's just my personal opinion though.
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fadly23 is an unknown

longer playing duration means you SHOULD do as many things as the time being given to you by the manager. there was a case where I'm being a sub (short time, maybe about 15'-30'), my team's already winning, but then I scored a goal. I got 7.5 and even become Man of the Match.

another case, being an AMF, assisting goals doesn't always result on higher rating. pay attention to the strategy that your manager told you to play. when it's possession game, then pass a lot, don't loss any ball. when it's quick counter, move the ball forward without breaking it. etc. it's fun to find out by yourself.
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bogalj24 is an unknown

i have a DMF and in the last season i had 4-5 below 7.0 games..I had 25-35 passes per game and 3-4 interceptions..but as a DMF I managed to score 24 times in 41 can easily play offensivly with your player..don't get too much attached to the defence..
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