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Master League Contract issues & MyClub

So I've been playing Fifa as well as PES for the last 2 years and well, PES kicks Fifa's ass when it comes to the gameplay and the matches, but the rest...

I was so happy when they announced the 'new' and more difficult master league and it is, in my opinion, a lot better than the classic mode, which is simply too easy.

My biggest issue right now are the contracts with these new release clauses.

First of all, I bought a young talented striker. But he insisted on a release clause of let's say a $3 million on a 3 year deal.

Now after a year his value went up over $3 million so I gave him an improved contract with a release clause of $9 million. All fine and good you'd say.

NO!!, for some reason the newly negotiated contract only activates after the first one is finished. So for 2 years I only get bids for him of under $3 million because the new contract and thus the new release clause isn't active yet... This especially becomes annoying when you want to sell him after the 2nd season.

Then the second issue:
So player x has a release clause of $14 million. I receive a bid of $13.5 million, then I renegotiate an amount of $15 million... How?? The release clause is $14 million, why on earth would the offer $15 million when they can negotiate a contract with him for $14 million, the whole release clause is useless this way... Right?

Now if the case would be that the player doesn't want to leave it should be said somewhere instead of me being able to negotiate an amount above the release clause.

Then MyClub.
I love the gameplay and the system with the scouts and the balls and, well, everything.

What I absolutely miss is the Divisions mode (or some other big competition mode) in offline mode.
All you can play offline with MyClub are tournaments (which get boring after a while) and single vs COM matches.

Now why do I want this?
I really enjoy playing with other people, but then when we sit on the same couch and use the same Playstation. With MyClub the options become very limited when you want to play like this.

Now the obvious answer is: Go play master league. But I don't like master league with 2 persons, I want to play fast and easy and, as I said before, I really like the MyClub mode, I don't want to be dealing with transfers, contracts etc. when I am playing with other people (on the couch and on the same PS4) I want to play and not waste time on transfers and stuff. So PES (/KONAMI) please give me more MyClub offline modes!!

Now I know a lot of people think PES 2018 plays terrible and is rubbish (or so I've read on this forum), but I think it's rather good (apart from the menu's, transfer/contract issues and commentary) especially when you compare it with this years FIFA (Yes I have both, because I wanted to play FIFA's the Journey). It are just these (simple to fix?) bugs that really annoy me.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix these (or if I'm stupidly blind and I do something wrong) feel free to comment.

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