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vialli82 has discovered the General Forums. God help us.vialli82 has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

Konami's database errors

Hi all, i've noticed that there were many players who's have seen their stats "converted" from older PES or Winning eleven, but there's a lot of players, especially in AFC/Chile/Argentina league who haven't been well translated.

The first issue is with "Weak Foot Accuracy/Usage" at first, i'll explain:

-In older PES, those attribute were on a 8 scale, but not it's the half, there on a 4 scale.
Many players have 4/4 in Weak foot from older PES or Winning Eleven, i repeat that the scale was on 8, which is an "average" value...
But for pratically every player's from those league (especially AFC), the conversion failded, so those attributes aren't divided on two, like it normally does. But it's not the case.

That mistake remains since PES 2015, i will show you some example:

K; Otani PES 2017 (max value)
K. Otani PES 2014 (low value)

T. Hirakawa PES 2017
T. Hirakawa PES 2014

D. Nasu from PES 2017, who's been probabably converted from J-league 2014 edition:

ect. ect. ... You can check yourselve, that's the case from pratically every players "misconverted".

Second issue, "Injury Resistance" conversion:

You can check on well done and well known teams (like Arsenal, Madrid), now the standard is "2" on Injury Resistance, and it's rare to have player's with "3", the max value.
Same problems from player's conversion, always in AFC and American league: the standard is not respected.

Third issue... Weird stats, unknown problem

Exemple With "Bernardo Silva" from Monaco:
Have you seen Winger with 75 in Def. prowess and Ball Winning?
Same with 69 for dribbling and 87 in attack, it doesn't reflect the player.
I think the guys who have re-copied his stats have done it in the wrong order, or something like that...

Conclusion: the Database team needs a global supervisor

An at least "Healthy" database and no more mistake is for us is very, very important for the gaming experience for Master League, and also Myclub signing as an example. The game is good this year no doubt, but stuffs like that which gives a feel of unfinished product.

I can purpose myself to do that job, but lastly i suscribed to twitter only for discussing those issues, and the officialpes account doesn't have accepted my friend request, probably because i didn't have any following/followers since it was my first day account. But i will create a new one this year an try again.

If someone, somebody can report this to PES, it will be great. Thanks in advance.

And Happy 2017 year to all !

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It is usually up to option files maker to edit the stats. Bernardo Silva stats are pretty accurate, he presses fast make a lot of tackle but don't play like a true winger for his club.
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