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I think I have set my team up quite attacking but I dont seem to have players far enough forward in the box when I`m sending a cross in. What setting can I change to ensure this happens? I do use the Attack/Defence levels manually ( select and r1 ) but this doesnt seem to be helping in this case so it must be something in my formation settings.

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I must say this is my only slight issue with the game ... anybody got any thoughts on how to get your players into the box to nod crosses past a helpless keeper !?
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i suggest you simply get the ball into a crossing position and then wait for yuor attackers to join in. You may have to hold off a defender, or pass it back 1st though.

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well, after you press the O button, pull the left analog stick down to cross to the near post, or push it up to aim far post. Although your players may not be in the box, theres a chance the ball will bounce before a defender and you can pull off some stunning diving headers
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Has anyone had the problem of their crosses just going to deep, usually over everyones head and straight out at the other side for a throw? It doesn't seem to matter how long I hold it for the same every time, is this to do with player stats?
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I double tap the O, and have scored quite often with crosses and headers. Main thing is, crossing as late and close to the byline as possible i think. The nearer u are to actually running the ball out for a goalkick, more chance of success in my experience.
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