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Formaggio is an unknown

Preset Tactics?

Still haven't figured this out yet.

Last year's PES you had those bars you could nicely place/stretch wherever you wanted in the game timeline and they would automatically trigger at those moments.

This goofy thing they've done now, i can't even tell if it's working, or being deployed, or what.

It says in the tool tips: During a match one of these preset tactics will be automatically deployed and you will be able to freely change between them in accordance to the situation.

Say what? So without the specific timeline we used to have, this thing is now going to deploy one of the 4 Preset Tactics randomly, whenever it feels like it?

I play in 'Coach Mode' and in PES 2011 the coach deployed everything when he was supposed to, exactly when he was supposed to because of the timeline system.

This new system bites.

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Steve Justice
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Steve Justice has discovered the General Forums. God help us.Steve Justice has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

I was having problems with this too. You press right on your d-pad to flick between tactics. You need to adjust your setup so that you can control your players with just the left analogue stick and not both the analogue stick and d-pad. Check out this youtube which will explain it a bit better.
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Formaggio is an unknown

My lord, Yes!

Thank you, kindly.

This was awful. No game guide or explanation anywhere. No help online. I praise you, good sir.

What a difference from last year. And they don't even explain these changes in a tool tip or anything. I hate this new tactics system. Simplified and dumbed down from last year.

On top of that, you're only allowed 4 tactics?? LOLOLOLOL...

Anyway, I started a new season trying this out, after being fired 7 times in Master League since my start tinkering with this game. So far it hasn't made a bit of difference. Not one bit. Teams still score at will. In bulk form.

I think the mod patch i use is affecting the difficulty settings. Because the results in Beginner are identical to Top Player.

The goalies are horrible and the defense gets split like kindling.

Preset tactics still don't look like they are being effectively deployed the way i set them up. They are too subtle to even notice. And some players aren't even responding to them. They look like they aren't listening, or doing a completely different preset tactic. If i say i want all-out defence, that means i want all-out defence. Not a tea party at center field.

I haven't figured this game out yet. Which is sad, because i played 2011 for ten months. My third longest game ever.

The AI in 2011 was rigged too, but at least they gave you some wins.
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kbon has discovered the General Forums. God help us.kbon has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

Hehe, ye, it really takes some time to figure things out ^^
What's your players "teamwork" rating? I think that effects a lot on how they react to your tactic presets. Maybe that's why "all-out-defense" is not getting the desired effect ^^
But I gotta disagree on the "new tactics = bad" stuff ^^ You actually have a lot more possibilities than in 2011! In 2011 you had 4 tactic-slots you could manually change with "SELECT + BUTTON", and you could set 3 situations with automatically applying tactics. Now you have 3 tacitc-slots for manual change, plus 4 manual(!) slots for full formation(!)+tactic, that you can switch in-game(!) whenever you want. So the possible combinations is a lot higher, and you can change formations all the time. To me that's a step up (got to see some positive developments somewhere ^^).
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Formaggio is an unknown

Yes, Kbon, the game is really cool. Far better than last year in every aspect.

Except two aspects.

1) Simulating AI vs AI is completely unbalanced.

2) This Gameplan saving/loading freezing bug. It doesn't fix by re-saving over it like Konami is telling us. It happens again later on. And again later on. And again later on.


I solved the AI unbalance, finally, by using Jenkey's Gameplay tool 3.0.0 beta.

It's an awesome tool. It completely saved this game for me. That, and the Pro-Evo-Pes Patch I use, and MxSonics ML money tool.

If it wasn't for these mods fixing Konami's -----, i wouldn't even be playing this game anymore.
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