Hi guys, I apologize this has taken me so long, but I have been super busy with my option file.  I haven’t spent enough time playing the game to offer any in depth views on it (although from what I …

Friday isreal says:
I want to download pes 15 more
Stringer says:
Greats stuff Paul. Spot on with why people are hesitant to take the dive into... more

Sorry for the delay in getting my PES review out.  I’ve had a lot on at a personal level, but have made time to do this article.  I was planning on giving a full review, but I changed my mind. …

djc15 says:
@ Amateur I feel for the way you are more
Amateur says:
@ V-Foot I think a little more research on your behalf would make you more... more

Hi guys, the new DLC for PES 2015 is out now in all regions. There is a patch (no details have been released of what this includes and also a new data pack. Here is a quick rundown of what …

Ability says:
am sorry Marc. more
Marc says:
Great. After loading that update all my edited transfers have been set on... more

I have my review of the game arriving imminently.  I need to just make time to finish it off, so please wait a bit longer to hear what I think of the game. In the meantime, Konami would like some …

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If Mr Gray returns, will he throw in a few sexist lines for our female players?... more
Rapid- says:
^^ Andy Gray? Definitely. I loved Andy Gray on FIFA and Sky Sports. They should... more

PES Virtual UEFA Champions League 2014/15 Season kicks off November 13th

KONAMI’s global PES league goes live on day of PES 2015 launch Konami Digital Entertainment, B.V. will launch its official PES Virtual UEFA Champions League competition to coincide with the release of PES 2015 on November 13th. The PES Virtual UEFA Champions …