Here are Some videos from Gamescom of PES 2015.  -  My favorite one. Enjoy!!!!!

cheo10 says:
Do a podcast! In fifa’s podcast they have their doubts about fifa 15,... more
TrueGooner says:
People are hard to please. hahaaaa we always find something to complain about.... more

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has an initial release date slated for November 13th overseas and November 11th here in the US. Also, PES 2015 will also have a demo launching on September 17. Mario Götze of Bayern Munich will be …

Dex77 says:
Hi, been years since I been on this site or played PES I just thought I’d... more
Mc Görk says:
Yesterday it was in the news that Mario Götze is now the german player with... more

If you haven’t seen them yet. Adam Bhatti has been posting little clips of PES 2015 over on Vine. Here is a link to his profile on Vine:

Amateur says:
Some of them look pretty promising, there’s one of Neymar that looks... more
ockrass says:
Clips looks good…but we are more interested in game play. How does the... more

So we’ve had the marketing talk on what to expect from the forthcoming  edition of PES. Here’s my initial thoughts on the features: Goals I thought we always had a variety of shots available.  There were question marks over the …

Mc Görk says:
Sorry that came out wrong. I said “no” to FIFA and I have PES on... more
TrueGooner says:
Mc Gork, you will need to purchase the game and download the patches to get the... more

Stadium Editor and 2nd Divisions for PES 2015!!!

Not sure if you guys saw this or not by Adam confirmed on twitter that the Stadium Editor will return in PES 2015. He also confirmed that 2nd divisions will be in PES 2015 along with licensed managers. Not sure …