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  • Hello my friend, I don't know if you remembered me. Few months ago i harassed you to convert many option files for me. You were very sympathic and you made the conversion for me. But this file doesn't still work for XBOX 360 (, i tried a lot of things to make it work for several weeks, but i didn't succeed. Could you please convert it once again, and make it works, it's so important for me. Thanks for reading this message.
    Hi there,

    I've looked everywhere on how to convert BLES files to BLUS. Is there anyway you could help me? I've tried your method but to no avail. I feel like I'm missing a few steps once in bruteforce
    Hi there 7oy I am trying to convert my bles file to another file but I really don't understand the whole copy and pasting of the new region code and where you paste it if I sent you the edit bin would you convert it for me I don't need kits just the edit data or when will you have the tutorial up
    hello- apologies if I seem as an internet stalker/crazy person,just really desperate to play this M Ace Classic OF on my BLUS PES. He did grant permission to convert it, I am aware you have much much going on with PES 2014 edits but would be so grateful if you were willing to help me out to get this amazing looking file. Cheers and thanks for all you do on PES community
    in your liga adelante file for xbox, i have only 200 scan faces, for the others it's written "No Data". Is there a problem ?
    Hi all. I need chest logo this shirts for pes 2013, can you help me? today ??
    Like here:

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