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    Do you think he even tried? I certainly don't.
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    A dream? Comon just like the Hargreaves situation. You don't sign a contract til 2010 and then want to get out of it because you harbour some prepubescent dream. He's 23 he needs to grow the fuck up. Its not like we keep him in a dungeon and force him to play barefoot on a field of glass.
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    I do find it odd however that Arsenal fans aren't pissed off at him considering that he mouths off to the press, wears Real shirts and moans constantly. A bit of a contradiction to be pissed at ashley and not Reyes.
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    Very true, the little hug from Cesc a couple weeks ago in the Champions League pretty much sealed it for me. Wenger looked fairly annoyed from the bench.
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    I'm not mad at him per se, I just think he' probably the thickest person I've seen at out club in a while (bar Cuntly) He's just a person that seems to like rolling around in self pity as well. i don't buy the whole poor me this is too hard bullshit. We payed an ass load for him and revised...
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    Reyes/Baptista swap

    I don't either. I think it was the whole Aragones incident. Afterthat Henry didn't get along with him. He then tried to do to much. The Neville brothers didn't do shit.
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    Denilson Signs For Arsenal

    I'm glad as well although I wonder where that puts Diaby.
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    Or not, now you can have a bunch of unhappy strikers at your club. Why haven't you let Defoe leave? he's surely on the bottom of the rotation.
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    If you could only attend one football match ever...

    2004 Spurs 0-1 Arsenal
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    Woodgate Vs Terry

    Why is this even a question, Woodgate will never be fully fit. Terry without a doubt.
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    Pascal Cygan

    Rather good piece of business by the board. We only payed 1.5 for him three years ago. How he maintained his value is odd, although the deal may have been born by desperation. I'll always remember his one great game at the San Siro where he was magnificent and forget his constant lapses of...
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    We were only giving Sol that much during his first contract since we got him for free. When we renewed the contract he "only" got 50K. Wenger likes his tight wage structure so I'd be suprised if he got more than 70.
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    They're at it again...

    don't get pissed just sit back and have a nice laugh. they're only doing this because the "galacticos adventure turned out to be a big waste of money. We all know spanish football preidential canidates are shitbags anyways. Barcelona's is the worst.
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    Ex-Juve Player Attempts Suicide

    :angry: this is so dramatic, so italian. always thought it was wierd juve did so well. doubt it was suicide.
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    least appreciated players...

    Gilberto isn't underrated. He's done well in patches but quite frankly there has been long periods when he's been total shite. I think we all realized what he did when he was out last season. To me he gets just about what he deserves.