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  • دمت گرم
    لطف کردی
    مزاحم میشم
    شرمنده اما این ای دی تلگرام 2520 آخر رو میزنم میگه وجود نداره
    ممنون میشم شماره تلفن بدید که ادد کنم
    salam ali agha
    khub hasti ?
    sharmande mozahem shodam
    patch shoma ke baraye tem haye meli bud rikhtam tu daste 2 eng rikhte shod , kheli ham khub
    ama agha man in patch ke team haye bashgahie clasic hastesh ro rikhtam ( ) ke tu from hastesh
    moshkeli ke hastesh jaye leg haye arabi rikhte ke tu ghare asi hasyesh va man nemitunam enghal bedam be lige englis ke tu unja master bazi konam
    shoma rahi mishnasi ke man unja in team ha ro export konam ke betunam be lige haye uropa enghal bedam
    bebakhshid ke mozahem shodam chon zaban englisim khub nist goftam az shoma beporsam
    mamnun misham rahnamai konid
    Brother can you tell me how to add your patch step by step to my ps4? I try it but nothing changed.
    Thank you
    Please help! When adding new teams onto PES17, for some reason the team appears, but then one of the others which was already there disappears or gets really mixed up, with other players appearing. Is there something I'm doing wrong???
    I am on PS4 and import/export teams doesn't work on it
    you should create my players and my teams by yourself one by one
    Hi. I saw your post about Classic Kits for PES 2016 .

    My question is : How import Classic Teams in PES? (Classical Argentina, Brazil classic, classical France ,Netherlands and England classical) .

    First of all , thank you very much. I'll be awaiting your response
    yeah I made my classic kits already ;) (albeit just for national team this year)
    because it's hard to create a lot of player for classic club teams ...
    but for national classic teams most of them are famous player and I can get help from other face makers

    anyway, I made these as I mentioned :
    germany 90 home kit
    germany 90 away kit
    germany 94 home kit
    germany 90 GK kit
    netherland 88 home kit
    netherland 90 away kit
    netherland 88 GK kit
    italy 94 home kit
    italy 94 away kit
    italy 94 GK kit
    england 98 home kit
    england 98 away kit
    england 98 GK kit
    france 98 home kit
    france 98 away kit
    france 98 GK kit
    brazil 94 home kit
    brazil 94 away kit
    brazil 94 GK kit
    brazil 98 home kit
    brazil 98 GK kit
    argentina 86 home kit
    argentina 86 away kit
    argentina 90 GK kit

    I will start my tread as soon as testing them in the actual game and making sure that don't need any change
    Hey mate,

    Just seen your kits on Homers page. I hope you start your own thread. Some of your Classic kits are the best I've seen. Have you got any plans as to any kits you're gonna do?

    Now the fact that you can go 360 it's amazing. Did you ever try to make the Mexico Aztec kit? Pretty sweet kit.

    Cheers mate
    Hello there!

    No, afraid not. PES2014's editor just isn't good enough to create great faces. No disrespect intended to any PES2014 face builders.

    Anyway, thank you for your message and kind words.

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