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    2021 NCAA College Soccer Option File

    It is finished!!!! DOWNLOAD FILE HERE:
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    2021 NCAA College Soccer Option File

    So excited! Fictional Leagues of NCAA Teams with nearly all relevant players now come to school for a showdown! DOWNLOAD FILE HERE: Two modes for playing: For full rosters of nearly all relevant to players...
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    NCAA kits coming agin this year!

    Just waiting to see how the generic teams are sorted this year before confirming schools Fun video until then
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    2018 College Soccer NCAA Option File

    Most kits been brought over
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    2018 College Soccer NCAA Option File

    Coming Soon: .ted's of certain teams with other team's players... IE, a UCLA team with all of Barcelona's players or Clemson with Liverpool players, not generic. Basically, you can then play a full champions league all NCAA
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    2018 College Soccer NCAA Option File Ready for a weird alternate reality!?! 10 Leagues have been replaced (teams only, no players) with NCAA Teams. Here's your guide: are you ready? 1. Do not apply player data, nothing has been changed 2. Licensed teams need...
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    [KITS] Kits by philips_99

    Here's a fun one. The Stanford Cardinal
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    [KITS] NCAA kits on facebook

    New Option File here Trailer here! All finished kits so far!
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    [KITS] NCAA kits on facebook

    Took a while didn't it!?!
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    [KITS] NCAA kits on facebook

    for College Soccer kits, yes. btw, download file is now up, a bit unfinished but it shows what schools are coming up soon
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    Thinking of teams for a classic league

    Thinking of replacing the PEU League so far like this perhaps? -1966 Ajax -1989 AC Milan -1960 Real Madrid -2009 Barcelona -1973 Liverpool -1968 Santos -1962 Benfica -1976 Bayern Munich -1940s Torino -1976 NY Cosmos -1966 Celtic -1999 Manchester United -1970s Independiente -1982 Juventus -1987...
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    [KITS] NCAA kits on facebook

    Buffs just went up, pretty legit
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    best option file ever !!!

    Is there an option file out there with specific teams.... like just the 1970 Brazil team, 1998 France or 2006 Italy?
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    [FACES] Classic Faces & Kits by aliheidari

    Are there any year specific teams out there? like 1970 Brazil or 1966 England?