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  • hello bolloxmasta, I tell you that I have a ps3 with hack, and the state has been downloading all the pes, and I would like to leave them with their patches (no option files) I know it is somewhat difficult but you do not have the files of the old pes? pes2011 pes2010 etc ... I only found a torrent to download them but they no longer have the files, I think your patches are very good and I would like to have all my old pes with everything licensed, I know it is difficult but if you had them it would still be incredible, all modes thanks ..

    pd: sorry for my english, is only traductions of spanish
    Hello mate,
    Two questions:
    Have you got a PS3 version of PES 2012 to work Jailbroken?
    Are you involving yourself in editing either PS3 or XBox 360 this year?
    Bollox we're all expecting that your 7.00 update will come out... I don't want to be rude or anything but... it would be the best if you could make us this favor... please
    Hi Bollox, is it possible to add Portugese Liga ZON Sagres and the new update 7.00 to your Patch, via pc? Please anwer me...
    My name is Claudio and I'm part of the staff of the forum along with other Italian Oltreilcalcio and we are trying to relink some faces to improve your patch, I noticed that you are able to change the face of such chicarito.potresti Please explain everything step by step how to relink the faces? we used the program and taking WinHex codes relink to an excel file found on the net but we have not succeeded! from me and all the staff we thank you in advance if you will help us improve it! ! really compliments for your work.
    hi bollox!
    your patch for ps3 is working 100%, just perfect... but, can you tell me how can I change the scoreboard, and balls... what programs do I need... please!! thanks
    Hi Bollox,

    The patch for PS3 is awesome. I've managed to change kits around using the dummy procedure.

    Is there any way to change boots around? I've tried but the game keeps crashing. Is there a dummy file for boots like '754' for kits? Also, there are 2 files for boots I think, do I change both?

    Another question - How do I edit the numbers for strips? I wanted to add UCL numbers for spurs with the UCL kits. How do I know what numbers belong to which team?

    Any reply would be much appreciated mate.

    Keep doing what you're doing. You inspire us :)
    Good day, your patch for Xbox 360 is great I can download it now and I'm playing now. Thank you very much excellent work friend. I ask a favor ...... I happen to be trying to make a Colombian professional soccer pacth and make learning kits and even install them. but not how to edit templates training or equipment, could you help me with this. I have no hard drive, then I have to organize jueo ISO I have no memory card

    If you can help would be appreciated.
    Hey Bollox wuzzzup I have to say THANYOU ! for your hard work,but i have a question I am having trouble understanding how to download into my PS3 .....By any chance can you provide me with step by step tutorial ....I really want to play my game with your File it sound Incredible....
    I know you have helped other people before and im not trying to be rude but I will pay you! or Give a nIce $$ donation ...
    if you just could give me some of your time and Help...
    I will be so apreciative you have no Idea ..
    hello bolloxmaster ia have a question is this patch for xbox 360 done? can do you send me the links or cann i buy this patch from you with paypal??

    greetz daniel
    I was wondering how far the development of the patch is.
    I seriously can't wait to play pes with all the new transfers and kits etcetera.

    Kind regards,

    hello, my english is not good, i'm triying to insert kits of pes 2010 xbox360 with ggs, but in the moment to insert the program tells to me an error, the unnamed is too big, what can i do??

    thank you and sorry for the english
    Hi Mark,
    I wonder if you could help me with a problem I have. You see, at present I'm working on a xbox patch myself and i'm having some probs when it comes to inserting kits. On a proof I made, doing exactly the same process, in some teams the kit works fine and in some others it just freezes and I don't understand why. My question is are there any guidelines that I'm missing or is it just random stuff, sometimes work, sometimes doesn't? Any advice so I won't have to do a trial and error process every time?
    Thanks in advance mate, and congrats for the success of your patch release (as expected)
    QUOTE=Bolloxmasta]heres you edit file mate[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the file, however i dont see the changes to the stock option file after inserting this file .... e.g. sneijder, negredo still in real madrid , shevchenko is in chelsea .... pizzaro is in chelsea and wolfsburg both ... am i doing something wrong? i just deleted the stock OF from the the hard disk and put this in :/

    Thanks for your time again mate
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