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    Originally Posted by heath1978
    the of looks gr8 but when i save to my flashdrive and put in ps3 the files only show up in photos videos and music not in saved data utility.i copy them all but when i insert game nothing happens.plz help

    Make a folder called PS3 then inside that make a folder called SAVEDATA.

    Now put all the files into that SAVEDATA folder and then put the USB Stick into the PS3.

    Now go to Save Data Utility and then maybe 2 USB's will come, go to one of them and then press Triangle and then display all, if it doesn't come then instead of pressing trianlge press X, then it should be displayed!

    If this doesn't happen move onto the next USB that is shown there and do the same thing!

    Even if this doesn't work then take the USB out and then delete everything elase off the USB Stick other than the PS£ folder and its contents!

    Now try it. If it displays then just copy everything and it should automatically copy itself into the Pro Evolustion Soccer 2009 folder in saved data utility. If this doesn't work your fu*ked! Hopefully some1 else will know what the problem is!

    hi there, abt this the folder PS3 is already there, and under it theres the SAVEDATA folder that contains the rest of the folders. I got them directly from URL of the OF. Now, do u mean that u want me to create the same folders on my PS3? or on my USB?

    i cant see the folders under the save utility, i only can see them under photos, music, and video :(
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