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  • Hey daymos, first of all your work is insane! Thankyou from all for your hard work, I was wondering do you sell your files preloaded into usbs? Thankyou for your time.
    Hi Daymos i wanted to know how does one create stadiums or transfer them to the Xbox? is it also possible to get the premier league scoreboards when playing in the english league
    Do you know of a great site to grab current game stats for Pes players? I hoping to help my having your SPL ready for next Pes 2013 version
    Ps you haven't kept your word to play me one game.
    Hi,i have a problem with your OF. I probably need a konami update so where can i find this konami update and how to install it ?
    respect from Croatia
    Daymos Hello, I was really really good at PES 2011 excited by patches of your. I have a question or better yet get one, please, you were one of the patch with B for D2 series again this year for PES 2012? or even better, it would still be several 2 for the D2 to bring all of which are there or a few pairs so you can always add to the USB stick Any one in the console? Would have more fun to make real PES12. Italian Serie B, I think would definitely be there if they just happen to play really so many new superstars in Italy and a tradition of playing club like Sampdoria in the Italian League 2. Thanks in advance ever and I'd be happy to answer from you to know whether it folding with my please.
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force on dvd
    Shaun the Sheep dvd
    3rd and Bird dvds
    The Wonder Pets complete box set
    Dear Daymos,
    I'm new to PES 2011 in XBox 360, and i read almost all of you thread about patch it, but i can't get it from v1.00 to v1.03. Can i up it directly or i must up v1.01 first? If possible can u show me in details, i'm stuck with it for a month and now i'm so depress.
    Hi Daymos i have problem whit my of when i try give my cousin edit data when he start pes 2011 and load game "LOADING FAILED' Please help me bro thanks
    also i have two different versions of v3, one which says only the edit folder, and the other has edit plus about 20 emblems but no kits etc, is this right?
    Hey Daymos,

    I'm having difficulty getting the new v3 bund/champ of and its driving me mad.
    I follow the download link and then try to use winzip to open it but it keeps saying corrupt or unrecognisable files, ever heard of this or what i can do?

    Cheers man
    Hey Daymos

    I may need your help...
    I have edited my 2010 option file so much, that now I can't buy an update for 2011.
    Is there anyway I can send you a copy of my edit file and you add the updated kits?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Hi people, sorry for the delayed reply... I never check the boards here as I dont even know how to get here. lol

    Spacebob if you could email me your name and address I will check where it is and if theres any problems i will gladly send you another one.

    email [email protected]

    Claret.. I know cheating is a BIT@H and annoys me so much.. It may be a bit late to tell JM now as I only just got this msg but I can try if you think it will make a difference.


    Good work man..
    Ill reply to you in your inbox.
    Hi Daymos, 5th of January I sendt you a donation for USB stick.
    Have you sendt it yet? I am waiting impatiently :)

    Hi daymos, sorry to trouble you but I know that you are on twitter with that murphy bloke from Konami. Please could you send him a message about a cheater called Xbox3CarloRapper. The guy has just won the div4 cup by not evebn playing a knockout match. he finished 1st in q/fying and then cheated the rest of the way, he has also caused the game to quit out early when ive played him on 3 occasions resulting in matches being abandoned with no resuts and no money for either player. the guy is complete scum and I know that if he is losing a match he makes the game get abandoned. please try and find out if there is any way to get this arsehole banned. Cheers mate.
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