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  • hi dido,fantastic patch,very well done,im hopeing u can help me with a small problem,im an arsenal fan,when i play a game in the emirates the goals are black and the microphones and the advertisement hoardings,is their any way i can fix this,as most of my season is played in the emirates,would be ever so greatfull if u could help me out,as it hurts my eyes and takes away from the pes patch experience,cheers pal.
    Could u please send me a link to the latest patch and option file, containing transfers for the current season for pes 2010. Please i really need it
    Dido, thanks for your yeoman work each time on the Smoke patch; shoulda got this request in sooner, but for PES2013, could you cook up a PPL Park (Philadelphia Union MLS) stadium ? Thanks.
    Hello dido, i must commend your work on the patch and congratulate you mainly because of a seemingly unique feature (haven't seen it on any other patch) you are working on, the dutch eerste divisie. I wanted to ask you if you have ever considered on working with pesedit team or exchanging some feedback. I believe there are strong features on both patches and combining them (or sort of combining them) would probably produce the ultimate patch. Have you thought about it?
    Hi, great patch, man. Could you add some famous veterans like Denilson (the old), Laurent Robert, Roque Junior, Jardel, Kily Gonzales, Baraja... (they're without clubs, but still active) to 'free agents' in your next pes 2011 update? Cheers,

    hey was just wondering if you could tell me when the new pes 11 patch will be available to download, can't wait to give it a try, want to play with Reading you see lol anyway thanks a lot for your patches which must take a lot of time.

    Dear Sir,
    i want to know when your first smoke patch for PES 2011 will be available? thanks.
    salam brother..

    nice to meet u.. Just to let u know that i'm very pleased and huge respect to u my palestinian brother..keep it up..

    Pes 2010 Smoke Patch is the best..!!
    glad to have u good in game editing n everything skill.
    wish u gudluck taugh!! wish u and ur family safety.aminn

    very pleased to see RAMALLAH words in Pes2010 Smoke patch intro page..take care brother..

    Smoke Patch is da best!! ill keep wif this patch 4ever..

    happy ramadhan..

    Muhammad 'Ifwan (Malaysia)

    This patch is the best, but i found some items that could be fixed or improved:

    In MASTER LEAGUE mode, you can not choose all the second division of
    English football teams, only PORTSMOUTH, MIDDLESBROUGH, and PRESTON
    At present to personalize LEAGUE D2, you can not choose the other
    teams in the second division, only these four.
    The team BLACKPOOL, is automatically selected twice, once in the
    Barclays Premier League and another in LEAGUE D2.

    If possible, would like you to create the team Santos Football Club,
    which now has been the best team in BRAZIL and has four Brazilian
    players on the current selection if it is not possible, at least they
    were created players and NEYMAR and PAULO HENRIQUE "GANSO", which are
    the main players on the team's SANTOS and BRAZILIAN SELECTION.

    I have managed to create the narrative of the names of any player in ENGLISH.
    hi Dido ,was wondering if you can help me out m8 ,i dwnled yo patch and i love it , but my problem is when i start the MLeague i would love to start with my own custom team whreby i can EDIT the Strip,name and emblem my self. but most teams in your patch like are all locked i cant change at list 1 team to my own creation. my point is there a way i can configure one of the teams to enable me edit the strip and emblem. basically i love to start the masterleague wt a fully customated team i hate using the default teams.... thanx
    Dear dido, as soon as your 2010 patch is online let me know send me a message. Thanks
    I want to know when your first PES 2010 smoke patch will be available? When it will be available please upload on rapidshares or megaupload. Thanks
    hi dido, i want to tell you well done on the Patch!! it's incredible mate,

    btw is there a way (since im from Malta) that i get the Maltese Nation Team instead of Montenegro.

    and the Championship teams.. how do you get their Badges?
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