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  • you have a ps3 with PES2009 patch kits 09/10 and all the signings ... but it serves the American version and compatible with the 1.4
    Hey dude, do you know alot about Bundesliga? I got some face scans and find it hard to know who some players are, could you help?

    Thanks :)
    Hey man, i have some questions for you, if you dont mind can you PM your MSN email so we can talk?, thanks for reading.
    Hi Dukes!!
    I'm a Brazilian and like so much your option file.
    I download all your option file with no problems, but this weekend i don't connect to Internet and download the last 3.0 Version.

    Where i download this?

    Congratulation for the Option File and don't stop this...
    Hi Dukes, thanks for your help with the option file last night. I have managed to get the images and kits up when i enter my usb stick into the ps3 however they appear in the photo area, how do i get them to the game data area so i can get them onto my pes 2009 game, appreciate it if you could help again. Thank you,
    Hello, Sorry to bother you. I am trying to put your option file onto my PS3 but can't. It is saying ' no titles found'. I have extracted all files but it won't appear on the PS3 can you offer any advice, thanks. Your option file looks great by the way.
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