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glen the magpie

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  • Hi Glen I have just seen your work on the pes 2014 kits where can I download your kit packs from they look amazing?.
    Hi Glen,
    I have been a big fan of your option file.
    I sincerely want to thank you for giving a big smile to alot of PES fans out there.
    If you could ONLY add new japanese players it would make me smile even more!!!I know you're busy so it was just a favour mate...
    Cheers and keep up the good job for the fans out there.
    Hey man,

    Been trying to download your old option file for PES 2010. I've tried clicking on the link in the original post but it directs me to somewhere where I need to login. I did register a good 2 or 3 years ago, but unfortunately I've forgotten all my details and it doesn't give me any kind of 'forgot your password' option. I don't suppose there's any chance you still have it to send somewhere?
    hey man just wondering if you found the tutorial to move sleeve badges higher to fit the kit design for example liverpool ?
    Hey glen how u doing awesome job .......i would like to know something does this path work if you have a region free game for pes 2012 ps3 ... cuz i think ur patch is complete but i live in the USA but luv the beautiful game , so inconclusion i would buy from ebay the free region and download ur patch , but i would like to be certain it could work..... thank u in advance for a quick response...
    alright mate any chance you can upload your pngs to your site like u did last time as wanna use good bunch of them but dont wanna save over my progress cheers mate
    Hey Mate.
    How are you?
    i live in the US and i have the uk vir of the pes11 on ps3.
    i want to know please, if you can make me some kits and help me,i love the game so much . i was a pro soccer player in maccabi haifa. and i was plaing in the champions leauge vs man u :) the only think that i need help . it's the jits . i make them on edit mode all the time and it's not very good, and i dont have the time to.
    i will make all of the players name, i m willing to pay you if thats what you want,
    Plz try to help me mate.
    Thanks Eyal
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