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  • :p is there any hot option file :-D, just to juke ;)
    so i hope you are fine and i will wait for your new O.F (y)
    he wher is my best option file ahhh no no and no its time to put it amigo good luck you friend KRIMOL5GYE
    hi i downloaded ur pes6 2009 season option file. It seems i cant save or edit data. Why might this be?
    Hi, I would like to have your help.
    I didnt understand if it's possible to move a team from an OF to another OF and eventually how to do it.
    I'm new in this editing interest and I searched the forum for the answer but with no result.

    Thanks in advance, bye
    Hi, please, can you tell me the ''secrets'' of tweaked stats in your option file? Like better agility for keepers, short passing speed etc? I wanna tweak my PES5 OF. And I also canť wait for your new PES6 file - it will be amazing. :) Have a nice day ;) *JOUZA*
    Hey mate. What base are you using for your own personal file? Is it M&M's V4? I was wondering if I could get a BETA or something for my own? I can be trusted and have worked with Cantona 21, Milanista, MikeG2K etc on PESFAN before. I cant be bothered to update everything from last Summer up to now and it'll be great if you could send me your file.

    Dave (LeedsFan4Life)
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