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Recent content by itallianboy

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    Saying Hi From Australia

    heya mate, the best way i found to do it was to record them with a webcam, and that way they're small file sizes, and you can also edit them in movie maker. :D hope thats helpful.
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    Hey guys

    americans are taking over this site!! :S dirty soccer/ apparent hockey lovers!
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    most arsenal fans are fifa users.. thats cos both arsenal and fifa are crap and unrealistic :p oh and whey up joey
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    Chris Casper here...

    heya chris you pretty good at pro evo then?
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    New York football fanatic

    dirty soccer, its football.. and chelsea lol welcome mate
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    zup dudes!

    zup stands for whats up i think welcome mate you must be a bit good a pro evo playing it since the good old days of iss :)
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    Hey there!

    whey dan19 knows all about his football manager lol kaiser chiefs are like the team to buy ALL your players from! and hey mate
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    hello people!

    heya mate nice to meet you, where you from east end or u just like the soap lol
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    Hi everybody, i'm a very new member of this forum...

    heya mate nice to meet you, id love to give you a game lol you sound well good :P p.s arca 33, good game at the weekend ;) you could say we "robb"ed you of a point ;)
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    what made you turn away from pro evo! did you turn to fifa :@! lol welcome mate
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    Create original team?

    i just called my team after my football team that i play for, at least there doing well in the Master League unlike in real life lol p.s tomo, your bitchy, but hilarious :P
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    Done a pro evo tourne today and i won it

    wow.. thats all i can say, can i have your autograph! p.s im not a turd i just think that its pointless to post that when we have no clue who you are.. or your pro evo "chums!"
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    Player Ratings

    ahh i only got a 8.5 but i get them regulary but never higher, and rooney is a fav as on my ml he has nineteen 95+ which could be a reason why :P
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    All right need help please

    alright.. i did say i werent sure lol, no need to get cocky :P
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    any help on going on line with my ps2 with pro 5

    well you need the internet.. and maybe a network adapter.. and maybe the right section of the forum to post in