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  • Hey man,
    Hope you dont mind me asking but do you still have ncwrrn's A-league PES 2009 Option File for PS3? if you do could you please reupload it.

    Hi there I see you have made some terrific kits in the A league png thread, would I be able to request a kit? I would really appreciate it if you could do the current dynamo Kiev kits as I need them for my option file
    Here is the MHFC away
    Hard to explain, but both sides of stripe should fit in PNG, rather than the old IJC or whatever
    Hi, the melb H away is wrong.
    The Red Stripe (Have a look at pic in below posts) dosnt start or end at right part if you see what i mean. (look at the pic)

    Hi, just need the MHFC Away (White/Red Stripe) and WSYD H&A resized, thanks, pretty much ready to release after konami update
    Hey, do you m,ind doing the Sydney FC GK again? its more of a Grey/Blue, well you know, just in the game it comes out as a Faded Purple-ish color.
    just been thru all the kits,
    there is a few notes below and the last note is,
    Western Sydney, Home and Away, when you have the game play around with it and let me know.

    Otherwise Great Work, and thank you so much
    also, again if you have the game, i need help with Newcaslte Home and Away and The Perth Glory Home

    also here is the Melbourne Heart Away Kit

    and im not sure if you have the game yet but the melbourne heart home, i need help with it, it dosnt quite fit, when you get game muck around with it in edit mode and let me know what you come up with.
    Darwin Olympic

    as for the sponser... i cant make it out and i checked their sponser page and cant find anything close, take a look maybe you can see better.

    otherwise just leave it blank.


    Darwin Dragons S.C

    and for sponsers

    Just "Yes Optus" and "Ultra Tune"
    should be easy to find, ill let you do it cos you know what quality is needed,
    and again THANK YOU!
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