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  • update regarding the file:

    there are 38 spaces for teams. So thats enough for our planned, classic squads for a few teams. One note on Liverpool and Manchester United classic, I think we should leave those ones as we cant edit them anyways.

    Im trying to plan to do some editing this weekend so hopefully we'll be ahead of schedule, if there was one :lol:
    mate have you seen any files on here for adding new edited boots and balls? i have jus saw site with all new nike boots, and also with new adidas powerswerve???
    Cant Sorry Mate, Got The X-box 360 With The Same Option File But I Dont No How To Post It Or Anything
    Bro Im a big fan of your OF...Its by far the best OF around without a doubt....i was just wondering if u could create me a OF 4 the X-BOX..??? I am a PS3 man originally but after playing the X-BOX version of 2008 found it to play alot smoother an responsive...i will be willing to pay 4 it as your OF is definatly worth buying!
    hey buddy, erm might sound like a stupid question, but how do u actually download the option file that you've posted up?
    Hi mate, am new to this after finding your OF. I want to help improve the OF but i have no clue what i am doing, i have a lot of patience and love pro evo more than my girlfriend so think i have the desired attributes. Is there a site u used to get started, explains the basics etc? any help would be appreciated. Cheers for the OF its class
    hey mate nice option file do you have another option file where the Injury tolerance is just normal i.e not changed
    hello mate anyluck with the fulham kits i know your option file should be out soon any chance of getting what you have done as a taster i really cant wait lol keep up the great work mate ?
    my email is [email protected] i would never ask normally but i have a group of mates coming over and i was hoping to use your option file as they loved the last one dude cheers if you can understand if you dont want to...
    love your shit bud, cant wait for the new kits.. but if you do the villa one for cupboardy cant i get it off you too. my friend would love it.. cheers bud if ya can! if ya cant tanx anyway..
    Hey ur your otion file is great but can u delete the player named m power whose evrything is 99 i dont want him and other teams sign him and can u tell me how can u do the new chelsea n lvrpool kit
    Hello mate
    i bene looking at your work and its brill
    can i ask when is the next update due out? would their be a possabilty that you can send me one out today as robbie keane gone to lfc now
    [email protected]
    i love your new option file, but i was wondering if you could do me the new aston villa kit, the one with the acorns logo on, i would like it to replace either man Utd away or chelsea away, i would really appreciate it if you would do it for me, my email is [email protected]
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