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  • hello mighty.
    i am a new member of pesgaming and i have recently downloaded all your fantastic ope. everthing seem to be perfect apart from the face scans. i mean, they are all messed up. none fas been assigned to the right palyer. i tried to reinstall all the ope files several times but the final result is always the same.i know that you are pretty busy all the time but i was wondering if you may do me a great favour. can you write down a list of all the players names in the same order they are in the files? it ll be easier for me to reassign the scans to the player. you will save me a lot of troubble and time. can you do it for me please? i ll be looking forward to hear from you.
    thank you very much

    wow ! what a wesome job!!
    Hey M.M can u give a quick tutorial of how to add these faces to my game ............. all these players and coaches look awesome..
    Hi Mighty Mag, i have the gay winning eleven as they don't sell pes all the way over here in hong kong and i sadly can't get any patch and rely on pngs but i was wondering if you have facescans from the championship, i only have bellamy,taarbet and chopra. If you have some more so my championship becomes playable,it would be ace. Cheers,mate.

    Fellow Geordie
    Mag my stadiums r real messed up the only1 that seems 2 b perfect is frqtton park as te stadium was a export, could u upload the exported stadiums 2 a link 4 me please mate???then they will b perfect because the stadiums right & left side & some over bits the data is not reading.
    Hi MM, I wondered if you did requests for not so well-known players. I have created my local team and have edited kit/stadium etc but need the players faces. I have good pictures of the faces that I can send.

    hey i wanted to know if u can help me....i needed a few things actually...i wanted to know how to setup the adboards or if u can do em for me...i need premier league adboard all together in a row and also stacked for the upper level in the stands...also i wanted to know if u can give me the formulae u use for the stadiums ie: st james park, anfield etc...i am capable of doing these on my own but idk how to so if there are tutorials on these i would greatly appreciate in the us so i cant just dl the stadiums that other user put up on here....

    thanks in advance
    My name is miss dorien.I am a female I was impressed when i saw your profile today,i became interested in you,i will also like to know more about you mean while i have something important to discussed with you,and I will like to established a long lasting relationship with you.and if you can write to me with my contact address,i will give you my pictures,this is my address( [email protected] )I believe we can move from here i am Awaiting for your reply,please contact me directly with my address ( [email protected] ) distance or colour does not matter but what matters allot is love,please dont write to me in the site
    Hey dude sorry to bother you, I uploaded my picture for the BAL face, I know you're really busy but do you think you could help me out? I really want to start BAL and make it as realistic as possible, thanks a million in advance, my picture is on page 23 of ur thread, thanks :))
    Hey MAg!!! first id like to thank u for ur reply and 2nd sorry to bother u with same questions...

    im running a uk verion of the game....and ive looked around th threads for help but no really explains it all well....ive followed instructions just as anybody else but i still get the same message......the data could not be loaded because its from a different version.....can u plz help me with tat with step by step guide...thnx again ur doing an amazing job
    hello. i am new in this and i was looking for your amazing work!!!
    but i canot see the pics i was wandering if there is a site or a download ?thanks

    thank for everything you do for the fans of pes

    if i do not wish to copy the edit data over may u kindly tell me which scans is leo and which scans is henrique ganso and can u also tell me the hairstyle u had used for this 2 players. tks.
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