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    Clubs won't select me.

    I played Second Striker (If that's how they pronounce it in the english version..) Now I made a new one, a left winger. My team plays with a left winger, but still I get little time to play.
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    Creating a Players.

    I found it.. When you wanna transfer them you have to use the search option and search their name..
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    Creating a Players.

    I created some players, but is it possible to move them from the 'created players' list to a team? I can't be done via transfers.
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    Amount of scores?

    I was playing master league in the Eredivisie on prof, I used to play one stop lower but I grew out of it. Now I was wondering, does the level you play on affect the amount of goals scored by other teams in other matches? It's kind of boring since here in the Eredivisie teams win with only 1...
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    Clubs won't select me.

    I'm having a problem... Since I started my career, my first club just wouldn't select me. I thought that's okay for my first club, even though I'm standing first in my position according to the trainer. After that I changed from club twice, and they won't select me either... In training...
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    Master League Recommend Signings

    Asian players, like Honda, They're all worth only 500.000. Also 'L.Fernandez' or something like that, a striker, who is very good for a low price.
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    Unhappy Players

    After a half season of playing, I've had no complainments. I used my bench players a lot, and my main players didn't complain about it. So happy this is gone! (:
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    The "Who I just Bought" Thread

    I started this season with Paris Saint German, In August I bought Ronaldinho. (Finally he is in the game^^) In January I bought Strootman from PSV, Marcelo from Real Madrid and Van der Wiel from Ajax.
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    most convenient players?

    Hi there, Currently I'm coaching Fc Twente, which goes very well. My best overall player is Fer with 88, my best player qua results is Balotelli. Now I'm searching for some good players who will improve well. I've bought some 19 and 20 years olds with like 75 overall, but I don't see them...
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    Lol yeah it's weird how a club like manchester can just play a weak player in the starting line. When I came to Real Madrid, I had 3% change to play a game. When I left after 1 season doing nothing, I had 60%. (I just skipped the matches myself)
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    You can try to go to Barcelona or Real Madrid. I did it after 2 seasons, I played like 3 matches in a whole season, but my player improved really good. I went back to Groningen where I came from and became the player of the season. :)
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    Pes patches?

    Hi guys, I seem to have a problem installing some of these fan made patches. How do I install it right? And what are (if it's allowed to ask) some great patches? Thanks.
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    Good or bad move in ML ?

    Same thing I always worries about. I came to the conclusion, which is pretty obvious, that you must get used to the player's you buy. I'am playing with Valencia and I just did the greatest sign of my life, I bought C.Ronaldo. I thought that he was gonna bring me everything, since I still...
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    What else can I do with my money??

    That's something I would like to see in pes 2013. Like buying boots and stuff, Investigate in private training, Pose in magazines and earn money for that, Give interviews.. Would be awesome :D
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    The Computer cheats- official

    I once had this weird match where I just wasn't allowed to score or something. It was a champions league group stage match against CSKA Moskou, and after a few minutes they got a free kick. Honda schoot it straight in my goal. It looked really weird and impossible. After that I had many chances...