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  1. nicmollet

    My BAL Thoughts.

    Good news. So no more AI not knowing what to do with the ball, going in straight line, loose the ball etc ? I am not a fan of FIFA, but at least, the AI of your teamates is exactly the same as the AI opponent team. It's what you should expect form a Become a Player mode. Still no news...
  2. nicmollet

    Become a Legend AI?

    Become a Legend AI? After a few years without PES, I came back to PES 2013, hoping I could finally play my favorite mode: Become a Legend. The gameplay and immersion was good, but the teamates AI was so abysmal I actually gave up with PES 2013. No matter the difficulty level, no matter your...
  3. nicmollet

    Serious Question: Why can't we have a 2013 edition of PES 6?

    Actually there is a "PES6 HD" in developement. It's called "Winning Eleven Online" See a gameplay video: The game is a MMORPG-Football game, like "FIFA Online". Unfortunately, it's only for South Korea...
  4. nicmollet

    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    I heard Affelay still is in Barcelona and Hulk is not in Russia ?? Is it true?
  5. nicmollet

    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    New web site update: When I am asking for real details, it's when features are very vague : Special Matches will also be implemented, where players can earn bonus points in Master League Online matches : what kind of...
  6. nicmollet

    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    The patch will be released tomorrow, and still no *real* details from Konami. Their communication is abysmal! I guess we would have to download it to know exactly what it contains? Edit: Jon Murphy is not dead: "first patch and data pack 2 will be available from tomorrow folks. More details...
  7. nicmollet

    Online Pass

    Online passes are total ripoff especially for a 50€ game. And I am not even talking about Xbox Live for 40€/year.
  8. nicmollet

    BAL Difficulty

    I have yet to start a BAL in PES 2013. Last time I played BAL was in PES 2011 on PS2 :O My teamates AI was awful, it looked like AI was on "regular" difficulty, while opponents were on "top level" difficulty. It was very frustrating, and I lost all interest in BAL since my only way to score...
  9. nicmollet

    Statistic-Tool to replace Offline-Community

    There is also this tournament paid service: It seems very well done and complete. But I guess you don't want to pay for a feature that should have been in the game...
  10. nicmollet

    Statistic-Tool to replace Offline-Community

    No word about an offline community mode. It will be online only. I found this spreadsheet:
  11. nicmollet

    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Well, they don't say how many players will be removed!
  12. nicmollet

    diving? how to get a free kick?

    I think this should not be in the game, at all.
  13. nicmollet

    Music for Pes 2013

    Song 2 reminds me of FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 :( which was an horrible game, just before the release of 1st ISS Pro Evolution
  14. nicmollet

    Music for Pes 2013

    This brazilian song talks about football: "Umbabarauma" by Jorge Ben I think it would make a great soundtrack to a football game.
  15. nicmollet

    Become A Legend & Online Team

    The Konami french support replied to a french guy saying that BAL Online will come with October DLC... It's a little hope, but I only believe what I see.