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Recent content by pdogg3000

  1. pdogg3000

    The annoying pitch is back

    yah i agree they should do does kinda pitches u r able to unlock in the shop instead of making some stupid penguin suits and shit.
  2. pdogg3000

    Backheel Lift Shot

    to do the back heel lift shot that you were talking about you need a player with very high tecgnique, eg.Adriano. your must be ni he opposition penalty area with your back turned to the goal and a bit to the left of the goal, since adrianos left legged. youd have to be a bit to the right if you...
  3. pdogg3000

    (some of) My X-port Goals

    heres a great long distance volley i scored with viera. its quality. its a max drive replay save.
  4. pdogg3000

    nice figo free kick

    nothing special
  5. pdogg3000

    big pes fan

    hey. and behalf of everyone id like to welcome you to pesgaming.
  6. pdogg3000

    Best looking player on PES6

    hey guys whatever floats your boat. im not here to judge
  7. pdogg3000

    Best Default Strike-Partnership

    it has to be dwight yorke and andy cole
  8. pdogg3000

    WTF? level 3

    i think top player difficulty isnt the most difficult, rather its the most realistic. i find regular to be much much harder.
  9. pdogg3000

    best team on pes6?????

    angola and newcastle
  10. pdogg3000

    PES6: The Debate

    i like pes6 because its a football game and i like football
  11. pdogg3000

    pain in the arse

    well i cant play online but i hate it when im playin my brother and he quits coz im kicking his ass like 3-0 b4 half time. he always just walks away so i just rub it in his face that he sucks.
  12. pdogg3000

    what have they done to our beautiful game

    do you notice aswell in pes6 that top regular difficulty is harder than top player. in regular the comp players are like robots but in top player i think they go a bout more realistically. i think they shouldve renamed top player difficulty to realistic difficulty.
  13. pdogg3000

    Dribbling angles

    if i think i know what your on aboutthen ya i can do this alot of the time, i think its like when your commin onto the ball andthe balls straight in front of you and you just press the 45 degrees on the d pad and you go with the ball ata an angle.
  14. pdogg3000

    Tackling tips please.

    thef further into the game you are, the more stamina you lose. if youve lost alot of stamina this will mean your player will be quite tired and will be unable to tackle as good as normal. if a player is running at you keep R2 pressed and backwards. you will stay facing your opponent and will be...
  15. pdogg3000

    Ps2 Armax Codes

    go to codejunkies website and check. if they dont have them they dont exist yet