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  • He certainly has potential, still needs to work on his end product, which IS improving this season. Has excellent close control.
    I think he'll benefit greatly once Holden comes back, and we can get that useless stump Andrews out the team.
    He's actually been injured for a month or 2, but on the most part he's been good. He can dominate games when at his best, but sometimes he can go missing and you kinda forget he's even playing!

    Why do you ask?

    I keep getting e-mails from you on MSN, which look somewhat suspect and contain a link, which I'm not gonna click. Are you sending these? If so, I apologise and will have a look at them. If not, then I think you might have a virus.
    Got some money off them I think. Might have been 'use the card x amount of times and get 50 euro free into your account'. Got pens and shit like that too! ha They always have people out at the start of college lurking about outside the college (NUIM) with free 'goodies bags' for the banks. lol
    Oh right! ha Nah I set up a bank account with Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster Bank in college to get free stuff and just ended up sticking with Ulster Bank.
    I'm from just outside Dublin man, in Kildare, what about you?

    EDIT: Nevermind, just saw you're from Antrim.
    I love your sig my friend! It brings back many memories. I'm a huge Panathinaikos fan by the way, and seeing how you are a Lazio fan, I do hope Cisse's stay in Rome will nothing short of successful. We have a special bond, the fans of PAO and Cisse as we always wish him the best. Lazio & PAO forever!
    hi iam kerolos from egypt i want your help in pes 11 i creat aplayer in pes 11 but i didnot know how i but this player in ateam i am new in this game sorry for my bad english
    I am mate. 400 years, Running Water, E-motion, Octagon, just a few favourites so far, though I'm yet to hear a bad song.

    Shame it's quite hard to get hold of some of their stuff but that's the problem with Hip Hop. The good stuff is underground, the bad stuff is mainstream.
    Thank you for making me discover Cyne. My asshole is yours on demand.
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