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    Hey mate, new to forum and PES editing in general.

    I got PES14 on PS3 and cant get the dlc using the console as konami arent supporting it anymore.

    where can I get it so I can install data packs?

    cheers mate
    Eduardo Salvio - SL Benfica/ARGENTINA

    SKIN: 3/T11/T6/T4

    HEAD/FACE SIZE:6/6/4/4/4

    FACIAL BUILD:0/0/-4/2/7/-2/-5/7/3/T3

    EYEBROW SHAPE:T18/2/1/3/BLACK/7/0/5/6/4/3

    EYE SHAPE:T6/T14/3/-1/0/1/-4/-4/BROWN/5/1/5/-4/0/0/-1/1

    EAR SHAPE:1/5/4

    NOSE SHAPE:T3/-1/3/4/0/7/7/7/7

    MOUTH SHAPE:T2/T2/4/7/1/7/6/5


    Eduardo Salvio - SL Benfica

    Olá, também sou de portugal, tenho algumas faces que gostava de postar, mas não percebo como, será que me poderias ajudar?
    Hello, I love your work, you could edit was a few more faces of Benfica and the Portuguese league, we were very grateful, thank you!
    hi rebelinho i want to ask you if you can help me by making faces for my thread superleague greece
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