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  • Hi, Sammy, I'm newbie in editing PES n' always love yr OF for PES10. I've downloaded yr latest OF but see no transfer updates or new players (though put the file in right place). Where was I wrong?
    By the way, do I need install Patch 1.03 before using any OF? And what is that patch for?
    Pls tell me.
    Hi there

    First of all, thanks for another fantastic option file. Your work really enhances Pro Evo and makes it what it is.

    I have a question aout creating players. In the edit menu when i go to Create player, it brings up the Other folder with several subfolders called Created Players 1, 2, 3 etc. But there are no players listed in any folders, and i cannot create any of my own. The screens are just blank!

    Is there a reason for this or am i missing something? Is it to do with the players you have already created in the additional teams? I believe i am running the third version of this option file so maybe it was something that has been fixed?

    Any explanation would be great.


    Hi Sammy,
    I appreciate your Option Files for PES2010 but could you help to solve my problem that when I start PES 2010 (already updated patch 1.03 but cannot download anything from PES2010 server because my computer has no network connection) with your latest option files, it does not work because of... different version!
    hello mate,i was wondering if you could help me,i want to know if i use pc editor is it possible to overwrite licensed kits ? i wanted to add manchester united with there blue kit etc... many thanks for awsome file by the way i tried to make a donation as its definatley worth every penny mate,but couldn't get it to go through ? I hope you will make a new file in the summer for new season!!
    Hello mate. I've adapted your great OF by adding all SPL teams, 2 Bundesliga teams and a load of U21 National teams and even 'B' teams. Plus Wolves and Birmingham with other promoted team to follow. It has a distinctly Scottish/Home Nations feel to it. Do you have any problems with me posting it with, of course, credit to yourself, Kowalski & Manhanddeem? Your OF was the best I came across and although I have PS3 I much prefer playing on PC.
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