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  • Long time no see mate, here's the 2048 png, please try and also tell me where need to be fix. ^_^

    Schitzophonic, sorry that bother you again, do you know is this any fix for the PES editor 2013 to DLC 6.0? (I still work with my DLC 4.0, afraid to download the 6.0 yet)
    Hi Schit, I had a question about the BruteforceSaveData want to ask, I had a problem to open the software on my computer, it said my computer lost "MSVBVM50.DLL", I had been installed serval times and get the same result, any help on it?Thanks.
    Hi mate, maybe you can help me. I have a problem with Wild@ PES Editor.

    Every time I download a new pack I loose all the database information of the PES players.

    I mean. I've already edited the hole Bundesliga (Pes League) and working on N-Power Championship (League 2), but if I download a new pack the information of the PLAYERS will be lost.

    Fox example: KEHL of Dortmund looses his name & nationality but not his built face and stats. So I have to change the hole Bundesliga player's names (not the IN Game one's that aren't anymore in the clubs) y players nationalities.

    Any solution to this problem because DLC 6 will come out soon & I don`t want to edit all again.

    Cheers, bolchevique

    Sorry if bother you I just don't want to write too much in that topic...
    If I understood well, I need a donor Xbox face bin file, to make the converter working.
    I used this file from your post:
    If it's not good for me, can you send me a working one?
    The converter only made face bin files for PES2012, and I couldn't copy them to the PES2013 folder on Xbox USB.
    Thank you very much and sorry for the lame questions.

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