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Recent content by superpav

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    Pes 20

    So true. Fifa has everything apart from the game play. I always go back to pes
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    Master League Improvements (WARING Long Thread)

    Certainly don't want to see more cut scenes. I just skip them.
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    Pes 20

    This game is so bad. I keep scoring the same types of goals. I prefer pes 19. I tried fifa 20 but that is just as bad
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    it seems every game when i play master league offline against the computer they play a through ball and it either ends up a goal or goes wide. it seems to go so slow past my keeper but is there a way to bring my keeper out quicker or make him attempt to dive or is this just a cheap way...
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    leagues to join

    is there any i can join a league that players will not quit when they are losing
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    R.i.p. Pes

    lol i thought he was going to moan about something worthwhille all he has to do is change the controls. this pes got voted better then fifa from all the reviews. i love the game and although its not perfect its the best one in a long time prob since 2010
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    PS3 Day One MyClub DLC

    in my inbox it says i have the dlc but i cannot see the player anywhere. is there a way to find out what player i have
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    Why is pes15 so good?

    because its slower and because it dont feel like its being played on ice the players are more responsive
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    Obvious handicapping/scripting. Remove it or give me refund

    all games are scripted otherwise they would be too easy
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    2 player Co op

    Can you play online with a friend on the same team against the ai
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    Is Pes 2015 really better than Pes 13

    pes 13 is overrated. i gone back to playing pes 2010 pes 13 still seems fast plus feels like your playing on ice. and i hate it when it goes in to ping pong mode around your box and tends to end up a goal lol pes 15 demo is good so hopefully the full game will not let us down
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    PES 2015 Demo Discussion

    ill be buying pes 15 but untill then i started playing pes 2010 again. its a decent game.
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    PES 2015 Demo Discussion

    i managed to play a lot more games now. ill start with the bad the graphics are shocking, the speed is too fast and the camera seems slow in catching up with play. having said that i think its miles better then pes 14.(hated that game) the players are more responsive and you can get some...
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    PES 2015 Demo Discussion

    i brought all the pes on this gen apart from pes 14. hated pes 14 demo anyway i played 3 games on the pes 15 demo the players feel more responsive . the ball has more weight to it when crossing. plus the goals i let in i felt was down to me and not the scripting. i think it was pes 12...
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    Are you looking forward to PES 2015?

    yes i am pes 2014 the first pes i did not but but ill get pes 15 i keep trying fifa but the game play just bores me