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  • Hello The Muff
    can you make a option file for PES 2012 Bles 1408 ?
    i'm ready to pay for your great option file !!!!
    i'm waiting ...
    U seems to be the best OF creator for PES last year...I read that u were about to release the 2010 version..Actually, u said that u would be suprised if it wasnt released by the end of last week..However, it seems that nuthing came out lol !
    no pressure of course, just wanted to know if we could have some update on the development
    Thanks by advance
    A (becoming) fan from France
    are you gonna do an option file this year m8... coz if u r id rather wait 4 urs rather than download some1 elses... last yrs 1 was fantastic by the way, thanx...
    Muff,when will you upload the PES 2010 edit file? Your edit file is the best file I've ever used. Please add more German club. thx
    Cheers Mate, will your OF work for the BLES 00689 Version??? I hope so, because your last years file was amazing...
    When will your PS3 Option File be out? Thanks for the PES2009 one. It was an amzing Option File and a MASSIVE thankyou to you ;)
    Hi Muff, hope u r good. I am just wondering if u've got any plans of doing an OF for Pes 2010? I just have to say as u know already ur OF for last season was great, i've recommended it to all of my mates. I know it's very time consuming so i really appreciate it. Thanks.
    Hey um i downloaded v2.03 and copied it but when i load pes nothing happens and it doesnt say that it loaded or anything can you help me im kinda stuck
    Hi muff

    im a bit confussed , ive install the update from konami 1.04 first and all the others downloads availeble in the game "THEN" the von option file ONLY the v 2.03 alone ! I copied evrything from usb to ps3 .. i have the files inthere but i cant see changes to either PES and WE united and the names are not correkt like london FC is not chealsey and no new teams in other league B !!!! i did LOAD the data in the game before i saved . but do i also need the updates from v 1.06 or do i need all the updates from 1 to 1.06 ??? little confussed here ...

    now i dont know if this got anything to do with it ! i live in EU denmark but i changes my ID to US for more choises on games demo trailers so on ... but my ps3 is still the EU pal version !

    what am i doing wrong here

    thanks for the current info, really appreciate it, my ps3 broke so everything is gone, got no updates anymore, write back soon
    Hi Muff. Thanks for all the updates but im having trouble installing the latest patch in fact I cant install any patch after Update 3 (V1.03). Would you know what the problem is? I have downloaded the latest PES update. The error messgae I get when I try to install the latest versions is Load failed
    Any chance of adding Crystal Palace in to the game? It's not massively important but I would prefer the Championship OF but I probably will still download this as it looks class.
    Well muff haha

    Any chance I could get your vote for the member wars, its in the off-topic its a poll competition and I could really use your vote
    Just a quick question. Am I doing something wrong? Because the third kit is not showing up. I'm just limited to two kits. Thanks!
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