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A question


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I've been a pes player since I was a child, so this game is very special for me. But, since 2008 this game is pretty much deteriorating each year. This year, it was the last straw for me.

A quick question before I continue, how many of you guys enjoy the game? Have fun spending time on a game that lacks the football part.

Apart from that, I'm a pc user and therefore I will talk about the PC version. I bought this game, and many before, to play online. I don't care about playing againt the Comp since it's less challenging.
The online experience is also deteriorating, since 2014, but this year it was unplayable. I didn't do statistic analysis but I'm aware of whom I'm playing, and I played against cheaters more than honest players (from my experience). It became a rare thing to play against someone who isn't a cheater (Lagger, quitter, freezer and so on)..Heck even yesterday I played a friendly match and the guy quit in half time!! EVEN IN FRIENDLY MATCHES !!!

This is absurd. Beyond absurd, it's frustrating, and it's not fun anymore ! I used to report cheaters, with videos and all, but I got the feeling that konami is not taking this seriously so I stopped doing that. This year, the amount of cheaters is catastrophic.
There are many solutions to that (Punk Buster..) but it seems that konami is not doing a thing, mainly becuase these people are a paying customers and since (from what I saw) PES fan is not that big, they are scared for their money.

What happend to the PES community that people can't play without the help of cheats? Why isn't Konami doing a thing towards that? I'm seeing the new posts about PES 2017 and it seems like a joke. Why rushing to promote new game while the current one is b-a-d?? Obviously those changes they are talking about in the new game are not going to fix those issues (at least I didn't see any).

And I'm not even talking about the actual game where the passing system is absurd, player movement is unreal (how they handle / approach a ball) unreal as in not what a sane human will do. and more.

What I care about now is the online disaster, and how they are planing to change the ratio as I face many cheaters untill I reach a decent player who won't cheat.

Also, I would like you to share two.

Thanks, and sorry about the rant.


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I stopped playing on-line in PES 2014, for the simple reason that for every one person who will play you fairly in a game, you'll get ten assholes who will cheat and use every underhanded tactic in the book.

If I want a game to cheat me when I'm playing, I'll put in NBA 2K16 into the PS4 and play on Hall of Fame mode.

On-line gaming to me, and I mean no disrespect to anyone who still plays it, is nothing more than a cesspool of trolls, cheaters, and exploiters. Yes, there are many legitimate on-line players, who will give you a fair and square game, but the reality is that they too are dealing with assholes who cheat them and therefore are forced to do what I did and walk away from on-line because they're tired of the BS.