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A Question..?


New Member
hey guys so is started a bal as a Wf which is my real life position

my question is that after i created the app of the player u edit abilities right?? how can i get the best ab available for WF pos
i got 71 as a CF


Registered User
you just have to try out the different combos at the start when you choose position and skill and it randomly generates stats, you cant edit it after you confirm except for natural growth of course
wow you got 71 straight off, im in 4th season and only 71 now started on 60


Registered User
I'm not sure i got your question.. All i can tell you is that you should care most about your Stamina, body balance, dribble speed

Cesc Fabregas

Registered User
I got a 68 winger with speedster + 6 speed + 6 dribbling + 2 stamina. His shooting is horrible and passing is crap but after 3 seasons now he's 79, improving well and since speed is hard to raise after you start, he has a bit more potential after 6-7 seasons than most players.