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[ALL]Milanista's And Mike's Option File V3.5


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***V3.5 RELEASED***

Avaliable for these formats:


About Milanista: If you don't know if this file is from a reliable source I'll just give a short introduction.
I'm a part of the editing section since PES4 where I had my own editing thread.With PES 5 I shared a thread with the great Del Perio and ShevaPro which was one of the most viewed threads(!).I also had Watsons file for some weeks to do some in-depth editing and changes and now I know what made his option file so successful.

About Mike: I'm known on here for my Screenshot Thread (Most apps out of the screenshot thread went straight into the option file = Loads of apps)
Researched Getty Images for player accessories to add realism to the Option File, I also spent time updating National Team squads and spent lots of time adding the appearances from the Editing Threads.

As I've mentioned this file is based on PESFAN V1:

PESFAN file contains:-
Corrected Club team names (Apart from the Premiership teams)
Corrected player names
Corrected Stadium names (Apart from the Premier league grounds)
All in game transfers have been done
Club teams squad corrections
Corrected starting 11’s
Unlicensed club team kits updated (Emblems and Logos added, Apart from the Premiership teams)
Most duplicate players removed
All shop items locked
99999 PES Points

My V1 contained:
-Updated Premier League(badges,kits,names)
-PESFAN V1 errors corrected
-some apperances done
-Fully updated Bundesliga(badges,kits,names)
-Corrected some general database errors
-lots of goal celebrations added
-up to date transfers(no NIG players though)
-Some in-depth editing done
-Stadiums assigned. Teams will get the stadium most similiar to their real one.The "eye-cancer stadium" won't be assigned"
-First bunch of PLF stats done
-corrected team names for all leagues(also licensed teams)
-corrected flags for the Serie A teams
-most accurate Bundesliga you can get at this point

V2 contained:
-Updated stats to increase realism(only Del Perio and PLF,exception made for completely off-track players)
-Boots created
-Boots assigned to all leagues and teams(just some imnor national teams missing)
-All missing players created
-National teams updated (squads) (just small changes for this version)
-Tons of appearances added
-Lots of in-depth editing
-More goal celebrations
-All Champions League teams created
-All accessories from the accessories thread implmented
-More accurate team names and flags.
-Extra badges available in the english file(lots of south american badges)
-All pes-shop players were overwritten with missing players
-All classic teams have been overwritten for real players.Lots of youngsters found their way into the game for a better master league experience
-Errors corrected
-No more blanks in the Bundesliga. Every player is different now

V3 contained
-Hundreds of appearances have been updated.Your game looks very real now
-(many exclusive apps)
-All errors from V2 have been corrected
-Loads of body edits have been done(physique edits)
-U-21 have been created and are now free for use
-Updated kits for teams liek Barca,Paraguay,Uruguay,Chile and Mexico
-More national teams have been updated
-more stat updates
-exclusive research for different leagues: I had people exclusivley having a look at this file and contributing to make it better(you won't find a better Eredivisie in any other all-around-file)
-bootpack has been re-done and now contains:
6)Adidas Absolute
-Boots have been reassigned and to many more players than in V2
-More goal celebrations
-More accessories added
-All missing players from the January transfer window have been created
-All transfers have been done
-More youth players have been created to make your ML an even better experience
-Thanks to the intense updating teams like upcoming spanish giants Sevilla look as good as Manchester United
-Formations have been updated
-Numbers corrected
-Extremely round-up file.Every league has been looked into
-Different free-kick styles assigned.Your EPL will look much better when taking a free kick now
-Walking styles corrected
-Penalty styles assigned
-The Pesfan Editing Threads have been used + much more
-Can't be compared to V2

Latest V3.5 contains:
-All errors corrected
-All duplicates gone
-Hundreds of League Appearances have been added again (Many apps made exclusively for this file)
-Appearances for National Teams (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland ect...)
-Every league had significant updates again
-More stat updates to make the game more accurate (Not FM converted stats!)
-Extensive in-depth work. Loads of accessories and Physiques
-Extensive national team updated. Many teams squads have been updated with missing players created
-Slovakia's switch from Nike to Adidas and Serbia's switch from Lotto to Nike have all been implemented in the game.
-More players created
-U-21 squads slightly changed
-Shirt numbers have been controlled in all leagues
-More goal celebrations
-Werder's green/orange kit has been replaced with the Black kit
-Wrong default Athletico Madrid kits have been corrected and now this is one of the very few files with correct Athletico Madrid kits

Special thanks go to:
Watson,for being the great member that he is
Compulsion,for the editor
PES-Revolution team, allowing me to use their Bundesliga faces
Konzer, for assigning all the boots and updating greek and Romanian teams
Flipper, for his young players file
Vixon and the Halifax board, for Italian and South American players
Robin, Dutch players
Pedro, alot of apps
LeedsFan4Life, helping with boots and kits
BigBoss, Eredivisie beta testing
FootballFreak, Eredivise work
Liverscouse, lots of La Liga apps
SMcCutcheon, correcting numbers and apps
SpireKopite, loads of Eredivisie apps

Also thanks to: Jawadov,ShevaPro,Del Perio,PLF,Mariner25,Basti,Heui,MAD22,GerdMuller,htfc,Cammey,RapidVienna,Giga,Barcio,Cantona21,Not.sly.pee.,benfica,Mammouth007,Liedson,Bast07,DonDomenico,pescrazy,decimus,Meffy,Jestat,Wolf,Fides,Gazza,Chelsea108,PES-King,Menezes and all those I forgot...


Denilson v Werder bremen
Van Nistelrooy v Charlton, Charlton Gk Carson, boots, Cech (Chelsea Badge), Rosicky
Greek National Team
Sevilla away kit
Bayer Leverkusen v Arsenal
Sevilla home kit
Betis home kit
Vermaelen, De Zeeuw, Schaars
Gareth Bale (Wales) and Shay Given (Ireland)
Miller (Scotland) V Portugal, Serbia V Mexico and Nani (Portugal) v Pressley (Scotland)
Athletico Madrid Kit in-game

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Bin/Cue SPA




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Eng PS2
Fra PS2
Ita PS2
Ger PS2
Spa PS2


American Version


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File can be found at and

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##******help!!!!!!!!!!! do you have to download 1,2 and 3 to use v3.5?? im quite dumb so i get easily confused! ive just got my max drive and know how to use it but if i downlaod the v3.5 will it work on my ps2 if i transfer just that file?*****###

and may i ask how many different types of balls are there and can you put sume screenshots up plz dude as im fed up with the load of poop onez that are on the game!! cheers matey u r a legend!
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1.You only need this version mate

Adboards and games can't be changed without patching :)

You put the english.max file onto your max-drive and UNCRUSH it onto your memory card

EVO pro

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alrite mate could you please post a screenshot of cristiano ronaldo and his stats and carlos tevez plz duuude!? cheers matey!


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NICE!! Thanks guys for the great file, love the apps thanks again since I myself have probably have spend over 200 hours working on my own personal file and I know its really time consuming.

If or when you release V4 let me know if you want i could send you my file since I have updated the mexican n.t. and have done a lot of apps for the french clubs and for some for the other european clubs like gala and fener.