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All National Teams in the World Patch


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  • Over 200 National Teams with 99% correct lineups and kits (Konami made teams are mostly left intact)
  • New FIFA style graphics and FIFA scoreboard
  • New intro (by Maremas)
  • Over 120 new player faces
  • New balls
  • New grass textures for most of the stadiums
  • PS3 buttons instead Xbox 360
  • All ingame languages are suported, all teams have correct names in all the languages
  • Added new nationalities, all teams now have players with correct nationality


0. As always patch has it's own exe file so you can install it without worrying about other patches that you have or the original PES.

1. Install "ANTpatch2010.exe" where you installed PES2010 (usualy in "Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010"), it is important to install it in there or the patch might not work. (Picture number 1).

2. Install "ANT2010save.exe" where your original save folder is (on Windows XP it is "Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010") (Picture number 2).

3. For users with wide screen monitor only, copy files from folder "antserver\ant\img\16-9" to folder "antserver\ant\img\dt06.img"

4. To uninstall the patch just delete folder antserver and ANT 2010.exe file

CREDITS (full credits in README file in the patch):

Boca (BIH)
Tottimas (Serbia)

Amir (Iran)
Zdravoumartini (Serbia)
Mracho (Czech Republic)
Herceg_playa (BIH)
Waqqas (Pakistan)
KF Vllaznia (Albania)

special thanks to:
Juce & Robbie


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S'il vous plait pouvez-vous mettre en téléchargement le fichier option seul. Merci.

Please, can you put in the option file in download only. Thank you.


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Great patch. However, why are some team names have "ERROR" (red colour), as in picture number 3 in your patch.


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I don't know why. It must be connected to the fact that I moved too much teams to continental zones, but I don't know, and I don't know how to fix that. At least you can see them and remove them.

ArdA TuraN

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Just wanted to say that i had some trouble getting this to work through its installers, it showed only the menus/intros/flags when installing following the Readme but not the real player names. Also the ANT.exe file wouldnt even be created properly after my first "uninstall" of the patch here.

1. The best way to solve and get a proper install is copying the files from the patch first to your desktop and then paste it to ur install folder, it does take quite a longer to install but it will most likely work afterwards.

2. After that follow same procedure with the "ANT save" file, copy it to desktop then paste it to the folder you find ur option file and saves which is usually located in = My Documents/Konami/Pes2010/save

Thanks again for the patch, its really great as i love playing with NT´s more than clubs and being able to play with a NT that has that only player you know in Europe or something makes it really nice and challenging. For example only Jason Roberts for Grenada or Aleksandr Hleb from Belarus

I did find 2 teams already during my first skim that have teams in overall or players that are overrated though imo.

1. Kazakhstan .- pretty much all their players have "all-round" stats, im not sure if this is an error as pretty much all of the players have 7-10 stats with 75+ and up which is pretty high compared to teams liek Azerbaijan and Iceland for example although they are prob stronger than Azerbaijan.

2. Vietnam ,- I have no idea who their players are but there seems to be some overrating going on with this team, they have 80+ stats for quite alot of players even though they are a team you rarely hear off or make it pretty far even in the Asian Cup in real life.

These are ofcourse minor issues, overall im really happy with this great patch some really good work and not really any exaggerating/error besides those 2 teams.

I hope though the install issues will be fixed with a newer version so you dont have to follow the fix i mentioned earlier

ArdA TuraN

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btw does anyone know of a similar file liek this for the PC version of PES 6, i mean with national teams only patch or is there an PES 6 version aswell made by these guys?


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am i doing something wrong....i downloaded all 7 parts from mediafire and when i try to extract them they dont work. get an error.

pls help


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btw does anyone know of a similar file liek this for the PC version of PES 6, i mean with national teams only patch or is there an PES 6 version aswell made by these guys?

I haven't been here since my last post so sorry if I'm late with the answer. There is a PES6 version of the patch, but it is a bit outdated since it was made before PES2008 came out. Here is a link to the PES6 patch thread on evo-web. I reposted the patch somewhere on the last pages since links in the first post are no longer working (some or all I'm not sure now)