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[ALL] PES5 Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update


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Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update

Now Released!!!

Based on PESFAN Option File V1 and Watson V3.0 Option File: World Cup Fever!!!

Available for all formats- PS2, PSP, Xbox, PSP and now the Xbox 360, for WE9I and PES5

Not currently available for the PES5 PSP, this will be sorted shortly :)

Now Available for WE9I PSP and a special No Kits version for PC Users

Scroll down for links, the links will also appear on my website, , shortly

This is the best, most realistic update around!

Please read this information closely to avoid the need for unnecessary questions

The eagerly awaited final version of the Watson Option File series is now available to download from my website, with V4 offering a huge variety of improvements to the hugely successful Watson V3.0 Option File: World Cup Fever!

Make a Donation for my file here!

If you appreciate the work I do to make your PES experience better, feel free to donate a sum of money by following the link below. Donations are always appreciated but never mandatory :)

Watson V4.0 Option: Season 2006/2007 Update Features

New for Version 4!

Special Feature- Not Available in Other Files!

I can now gladly announce a great piece of news which is bound to get everyone drooling at the thought. This can be seen in no other option files and is unique to Watson V4.0 and is of course, thanks to the permission of the great Del Perio

Del Perio has kindly allowed me to use all the stats from his EPL beta file, so that a full stat updated, realistic, EPL database is playable. Many players have been updated, far in excess of the stats posted on his threads, from the biggest teams to the smallest teams, for the most realistic EPL gameplay possible

As I stress, this is the only file where you can play a fully updated EPL with realistic data and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a superb addition to the Watson Option File Series

Other Features​


Re-Live Germany 2006:

  • Every Single player who featured in the World Cup has had their appearances tweaked
  • All squads 100% accurate, including late changes that didn’t make it into V3
  • Extensive work on Accessories and Shirt Names, with lots of attention to detail
  • All Home, Away and Both GK Kits researched and put into the game to have the full array of kits
  • Holland Home Kit now all orange as used in the World Cup
  • All armbands correct for every team
  • Extensive Formation Updates for the 32 Nations involved, with optimum formations for every side, thanks to dave_walker22

Other National Sides:

  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Scotland, Turkey, Wales, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chile all have fully updated squads, including all new players
  • Formations Updated for all other teams thanks to Feanor


2006/2007 Season:

  • All transfers for the 2006/2007 Season included
  • All promoted sides have been added from all leagues;

    Barclays Premiership
    - Reading
    - Sheffield United
    - Watford

    Ligue 1 Orange
    - Lorient
    - Sedan
    - Valenciennes

    - Almannia Aachen
    - VfL Bochum
    - Energie Cottbus

    Serie A
    - Atalanta
    - Catania
    - Torino

    - Excelsior Rotterdam

    La Liga
    - Gimnastic
    - Levante
    - Recreativo

  • All players created
  • Larger squads than you can find anywhere else, many youth team players created for most teams, and some of the most promising young players in the world
  • The Only File to play a fully updated, realistic EPL- Del Perio's unreleased EPL beta stats are all included for V4, see above for more info
  • Retired players overwritten
  • Appearances for Created players all done
  • Squad Numbers 100% Correct
  • Real Rangers Kit Badge Included
  • No club left out! From Arsenal to Sparta Rotterdam, every club is researched to get the correct squads and all players created, for an increased sense of realism and correct squads for fans of every team
  • All Kits for the 2006/2007 Season included, including new sponsor logos, kit makes etc- Credit to BlueScouse
  • Vast majority of licensed kits edited:

    Arsenal, Chelsea, AC Milan, AS Roma, Ascoli, Cagliari, Empoli, Fiorentina, Inter, Atalanta, Lazio, Catania, Livorno, Messina, Palermo, Parma, Reggina, Siena, Torino, Udinese, AZ Alkmaar, FC Twente, FC Utrecht, Feyenoord, NEC Nijmegen, PSV, Excelsior Rotterdam, Gimnastic, Levante, Recreativo, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Villarreal, Real Betis, Real Sociedad, Racing Santander, Real Zaragoza, Espanyol, Sevilla, Celtic, FC Kobenhavn, FC Porto, Galatasaray, Rangers, Juventus

  • Juventus are still in the game- Moved to the Other Leagues section in place of Djurgardens
  • All New CL Teams!- AEK Athens, Levski Sofia, Steaua Bucharest and Spartak Moscow all feature and replace Lokomotiv Moscow, Club Brugge, Rosenborg and Sparta Prague
  • Extremely Extensive work on updating formations for every club team thanks to Feanor, the in-game teams play like the real teams now!
  • All Captains fully updated for all teams
  • Updated Boots for all players, full credit to timfen and Cammey for this

All Other Features
The Ultimate World Cup Experience!!

  • All World Cup Squads 100% Correct
  • The Most accurate stats for created players in the World Cup- all players fully researched for the most realistic stats and matched up with the best appearances from Rapid Vienna
  • No other file has all these players and no other has such well researched data
  • All World Cup Team Squad Numbers 100% Correct
  • All World Cup Teams Tactics Correct
  • All World Cup Kits 100% Correct (including GK Kits)
  • Ghana, Trinidad, Togo and Angola all included- more below!
  • Half the WC Teams with badges on strips
  • The World Cup Teams with badges are:

Germany, Poland, England, Holland, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Brazil, Japan, France, South Korea, Spain

Other clubs and internationals not forgotten!

  • Every Club Squad Contains more youngsters than before
  • Under 21 Teams replace the Classic Teams ie Classic England is now England Under 21's
  • Under 21 Squads updated as of the European Under 21 Championship Squads for France, Italy, Germany and Holland
  • Much more player appearances tweaked
  • Much more updated stats
  • Extensive work on commentary names (thanks to famigo)- All players in game (club/international/non-affiliated) checked for errors in commentary names and all fixed, as well as players missing names, given them where appropriate
  • Villarreal now have full yellow kit
  • Improved stadium allocation for club teams ie best suiting stadium picked for every club (thanks to The LMD Factor)
  • Lots of incorrect heights, weights, positions etc changed after extensive reviewing by my beta testers for the most accurate data around
  • Yohann Gourcuff (Rennes), Jens Lehmann (Arsenal) and Abdul Kader Keita (Lille) PLF stats now included- cannot be found in any other file!
  • Changed the players who can do the Flip Flap- :The list is now

Robinho (Real Madrid)
McGeady (Celtic)
Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
C. Ronaldo (Man. Utd)
Ibrahimovic (Juventus)
Wilhelmsson (Anderlecht
Fred (Lyon)
Kader Keita (Lille)
Quaresma (Porto)
Denilson (Bordeaux)
Anelka (Fenerbahce)

Features from Watson V1 and Watson V2:

  • 100% Correct Club Team Names and Player Names
  • 100% Correct Stadium Names and Cup Names
  • 100% Fully Up to Date club squads, every transfer done, every single player created! (including Walcott etc)
  • Accurate appearances and stats for Created Players
  • All Team Tactics tweaked for as much accuracy as possible
  • All squad numbers correct
  • All Club Kits sorted- Look as good as the Licensed Kits
  • All International Kits sorted
  • International Squads Updated
  • No More Duplicate Players
  • The Ultimate Master League experience around with no classics to ruin the Master League
  • All Shop Items Unlocked
  • Updated Stats- All PLF and Del Piero Stats Included!
  • Edited Boots- Increased realism!
  • No need for FIFA World Cup!- All World Cup Teams Included- see below for more information
  • Improved quality of club badges- clear, noticeable difference!
  • Many wonderkids included to improve the ML experience- Aguero, Kerlon, Dos Santos etc
  • Retired Players overwritten

Three New Club Teams:

CSKA Moscow replace PES United
Rapid Vienna replace Sao Paulo
Hearts replace WE United

Four New International Teams!:

I have included the 4 missing world cup sides on my file for increased realism and the chance to play a proper World Cup! Unfortunatley names cannot be changed, but everything else can be, so here are the teams and who they replace

Angola replace China
Ghana replace Morocco
Togo replace South Africa
Trinidad & Tobago replace Venezuela

My website averages 500 hits a day and my file has proved to be a worldwide success, with over 100'000 downloads on filefront alone of V3! There are many people who wouldn’t try anything else- make yourself one of them and stick with the best there is!

Plus much more!!!

Many Player Appearances sorted- All good appearances used from, by mustard2k2, chazontherazz, Mariner25, basti, timfen, Barcio, cic, Milanista90, ShevaPro, Rapid Vienna, Solid666, ESSMagpie, The Red Dwarf, Del Perio, Maserati, walkon_2004, Niko!, liedson, cammeyboy, Makaay, Stringer Bell, Red-Phoenix, Geordie Dazzler, Njorgo and many more

Special Thanks to..

BlueScouse, dragonskin, Feanor, LMD, vixon2, timfen, Milanista90, dave_walker22, Bluebirds, Metallica, Del Perio, PLF, Red-Phoenix, Compulsion, pategato, jambarossi, Cyrone, brondbylove, Cammey, Kurtza, famigo, Gerd_Muller, Renegade28, pescrazy, donporato, Rapid Vienna, The Red Dwarf, SeverusSouza, niall_butler04, khildram, trentpark05, robin_007, ftm_jamie, LFCJack, Roden 9, MuSTaKa, D’oh, Luke05, marsmanic, gers_klos, Flipper, ChrisW, magoo, Roscio, tuemerbjk, Football Freak, Big Boss, mackemandy, liedson, Matty..., ISS72, hibsta, cantona 21, Mracho, Barryisland, Mariner 25, Bristols_Jim, barcio, Mustard2k2, elitesamed, Skacel_8, gib2506, Euan, SJ_1874, Menezes, ESSMagpie, Oldham, mngoran

I greatly apologise if I've missed anyone out, I don't mean any offence :)

How to transfer the OF onto you Memory Card/Hard Drive:

Using Xbox Max Drive...
1. Copy the downloaded zip file to the max drive
2. Connect your maxdrive into one of your Xbox controller ports and load up PES5.
3. On the PES5 menu screen, go to Options > PES Data Control > Copy Saved Data. Then select the ‘Change’ option, and select the Datel Max Drive from the list.
4. Select the PES5 Option file present on the max drive, and then choose a slot on your hard drive to save the option file.
5. Once you have saved the file to your xbox hard drive/memory card, return to the main game menu and let play begin!

Using PS2 Max Drive...
1. Download the file
2. Plug the max drive in to the PC
3. Right click on Option File>send to Max Drive,
4. Plug max drive into USB port on PS2
5. Load up Max Drive software for PS2
6. Uncrush to memory card

Using PS2 X-Port...
1. Import the .xps file into your X-Port database using the X-Port software
2. Select and choose the 'Restore' option to transfer the option file onto your memory card.

Using PSP...
Simply drag file onto PSP save file.

Using PC...
1. Download the option file
2. Put the OF in C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 5\save\folder1
3. Make sure it's called KONAMI-WIN32PES5OPT

How to transfer the OF onto your Xbox 360:

1. With just the XSATA ( attached between my 360 and my PC, I used the Xplorer360 software on my PC which allows you to view the contents of your 360 harddrive and I....
2. Selected "Drive" > "Open" > "Harddrive or Memcard...." from the Topbar menu
3. Went to drive "partition 3"
4. Drilled down the folders into "Compatibility/Xbox1/UDATA/4b4e0030/" ("4b4e0030" is the 360 folder name for PES5)
5. Deleted the folder "5252897584A1" ("5252897584A1" being the 360 and Xbox folder name for the Option File I think)
6. Replaced it with the "5252897584A1" folder of my desired Option File ("5252897584A1" folder contained only a "saveimage.xbx", "SaveMeta.xbx" and .xsv file)
7. ....then switched on my 360 to at last have this wonderful Option File working!!!!

Credit to Magoo for the Xbox 360 instructions :)

Note: If you already have an existing option file on your memory card or hard drive, you will be asked if you want to overwrite it. If your current file is one you might want to go back to then you will want to back the file up first, before transferring this Option File.

If you follow these instructions, you should have no problems.

Q: Where are the Classics

A: They have been overwritten with club team players

Q: Why does my team have the wrong badge in the Master League and how do I fix this?

A: I'm not sure why this is but its easily fixed by going into edit team from the master league menu, and selecting the correct badge

Q: Will you release another file for PES5?

A:No, this is my final PES5 release

Ask any questions here :)

Download it Here!


PS2 X-Port;5476550;;/fileinfo.html

PS2 Max Drive;5476569;;/fileinfo.html

PS2 Max Drive Italia 2006-2007 Update PES5 Italia Max Drive.max

PS2 Bin/Cue


PC No Kits


Xbox 360[1][1]



PS2 X-Port V4.0 Season 2006-2007 Update WE9I X-Port.xps

PS2 Max Drive V4.0 Season 2006-2007 Update WE9I Max Drive.max


Xbox V4.0 Season 2006-2007 Update WE9I



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i'm sure its going to be great. it always is. THANK YOU and All who worked on it. You and Blue are the best at OP. hope u dont retire from PES6.


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watson i always use your op files they are awsome sure this 1 will be gr8 2 can't wait to start playing!!! u sir are a legend!!!:D


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Waston , can u make an Option file for kitserver but with team icons in-game [not on kit] i mean when you choose teams


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Quick question. Is it possible to have to different OFs on one single memory card at the same time?


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No, only one file per card :)

99bstatton- You need to use the pesfan editor

saggie16- I'm sorry, I can't, I'm sure it won't take too long yourself to do it, but it took me long enough defaulting all kits


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Great OF Watson, its amazing. Just noticed that there are 3 players with Kolo Toures preset face, it's M. Diarra, R. Babel and M'Bami. Is this your choice or is it wrong?


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This OF is the best at the moment. But why is the Ajax-away kit the one of 2005/2006? Ingame-editing is not possible, so is impossible to change the away-kit Watson?


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Read through the first post but couldn't find anything about the Man Utd shirt...

..does it have the shield around the crest? and it the shield created as a logo so the colour of it can be changed to black for the away kit?

thanks!...otherwise....sure it will be a great file!

well done watson!


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Damn it! I'm not sure whether to use this or BlueScouse. I already have his on my mem. card. Can anyone tell me if this is better?


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Great stuff Watson as always your file is my option file of choice. I apprecaite the work of every option file maker and hope that all your Paypal accounts are filled with donations.