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All right need help please


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I have searched the forums but have NOT found any help threads of this kind.
My questions are :
1) Is the X-PORT used to connect the PS2 memory card to the PC hard drive, thus enabling the transfer of PES4 replay files?
2) If this is so, how do you convert these replay files into a format that can be made into a video?
3) Can you view your replays in different angles, just like in the PS2, after having converted your replays?
Thank you really much for your help!! I would like to share with you my astonishing goals but all I did so far was using my digital camera on the TV screen, with poor results...
By the way, can I post goals with custom made players scoring?
Thank you,
Leslie CT


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1) ps2 links up from usb to usb to the pc. then saves your data.

2)need a tv card

3) :S not sure myself, if your recording it yourself with the tv card i think yes, but you cant send it to someone without a tv to look at the dif angles, only the angles you have recorded


The Spikiest maracca
actually, iboy...
you can't convert x-port files once they're on the pc, x-port files are .xps files and the only thing you can do is put them onto another memory card via x-port.

good try though, iboy ;)