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Anybody Need Player Stats?


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Classic players if possible

Neville Southall
Brian Labone
Kevin Ratcliffe
Ray Wilson
Trevor Stevens
Peter Reid
Alan Ball
Kevin Sheedy
Alex Young
Andy Gray
Pat Van den Hawe
Gordon West
Dave Watson
Paul Bracewell
Bob Latchford
Graeme Sharp
Derek Mountfield
Howard Kendall
Bruce Rioch
Ian Snodin
Andy Hinchcliffe
Stuary McCall
Gary Lineker
Martin Keown
Tony Cottee
Joe Parkinson
Anders Limpar
Richard Gough
Colin Harvey



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Great work.

Could you please do:

Diego (FC Porto)

Cheers dude! :D


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Can anybody e-mail the premiership list of all the players stats. I am new to pro and want to update the game can u please help. Pro Rules


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Need Improved stats of

Jefferson Farfan - PSV
Paolo Gerrero _ Bayern MUnich
Pizarro - Bayern Munich
Demichelis - Bayern Munich
Fernando Cavenaghi - Spartak Moscow
Mascherano - River Plate
Luis Gonzalez - River plate
Gaston Fernandez- River plate
Marcelo Gallardo - River Plate
Marcelo Salas - River Plate
Riquelme - Villareal
D' Alessandro - Wolfsburg
Crespo - AC Milan

Romagnioli - Some Team in Mexico (he is class)
C. Delgado - Some Team in Mexico (Cruz Azul)


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Saviola. said:
Omg, stop posting requests, take a look at Peach's profile 'Last Activity: 21-02-2005 02:00 '
really folks, continued requests are rather pointless. someone would be better off volunteering to create a new thread of the same type, as this one is essentially dead.


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Hello anybody in there! I thought some people might have the intellegence to realise! HE'S GONE OFF AGAIN! He hasn't posted any stats for at least three months and people are thinking he'll come back. And I thought I was stupid!


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one thing ive seen in ur player stats is that no one has good balance 4 u
youre tellin me that morientes has bad balance?

Magic 8-Ball

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totti_10. said:
one thing ive seen in ur player stats is that no one has good balance 4 u
youre tellin me that morientes has bad balance?

He is clearly unbalanced.
- He signed for Liverpool!