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anyone play 90mins consistantly??


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in 4th season now for ac milan playing cmf and top coach rated player in cmf and in amf and just won best midfielder and uefa player of the year and clearly the best player on the team but no matter wat i get subbed off once the 60th minute ticks over. teams leading, drawing, losing, i get assists, goals, ive even scored a hattrick and the damn coach subs me off.
ive played 90mins a few times before but that was when i first transferred to milan and wasnt an established started which just boggles my mind

anyone always play 90mins??


I've only been subbed 2 or 3 times in 10 seasons (apart from International Friendlys). Are you getting subbed for a player in a different position?


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What's your player's stamina like, and how well do you conserve it? It doesn't matter how well you play... if you get to the 60 minute mark and your player is exhausted, the manager will almost certainly sub you.


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Well mate .. It's all about Stamina , a bit about the team strategy and how you perform, but as long as you do what you're asked to do and what your position forces you to do .. it's all about stamina, you need to work on increasing it, and DO NOT run much around with no ball, try to have good positioning according to the formation and stick there, and as you said you are an AMF .. then DO NOT bother defending, keep your player forward all the time and leave defending on the defenders, and try to change your player model every off season, and choose mentors with good stamina, and you'll be fine :) .. Goodluck man


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im pretty sure i have 60 teamwork.
must be the stamina thing then, i only train 1 bar of stamina and i do run around a lot, being cm tho i want to defend and everything, plus computer ai is pretty shit so i feel like i need to do everything for us to be good. do you suggest i up my training for stamina?? guessing that extra content about stamina for BAL means you never get subbed off then??
ill try wat you guys said, thanks for the help :)


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I play consistently 90 mins (23 years old amf for Sevilla - champions last season)
I play my first season for them now, and i have about 30 in teamwork. For me it seems like it's all about managers rating. After each match you can see which players are prefered by the manager at certain positions. If you're number one at your position, the manager will use you as much as possible. That's my experience


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i always played 90 minutes for az n most the time for ajax n arsenal i think u need to be consistent


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Im in my first year,playng as a striker so if i score a goal till the 55-60 min the coach will change me asap,if i don't score he won't change me.

Thisis really stupid,when u score a goal and make another asisst he change me and team then lose.


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well my stamina finishes in 58-62 but i never got substantiated since 2nd game in my first season, Well :tongue: i am still in first season(almost over)


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I had the same problem of consistently getting subbed on the 60' mark and very occasionally playing the full 90.

This was when I was playing with Real Zaragoza as AMF and we got to the top of the league - despite being the captain I was still getting subbed. Then accepted an offer from Deportivo (who were in the relegation zone at the time) and almost never get subbed off. I think this might be connected to how goood/bad a team is, i.e. if they're a bit rubbish and you've got something about you they might need you more.

Just a theory.