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Are clean sheets ridiculously hard to accomplish against he AI?


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I just recently moved to Top Player but only because I found it way too easy to score on Professional. Even then, I always had a hard time keeping the AI from scoring against me. In the ML, I'm always the leader in goals conceded amongst the top 6 teams in the league. The AI just finds its way to score at least once in a game. Mostly, they score on rebounds off the keeper. It's ridiculous that your keeper can't hold on to the ball while the AI keeper always seems to catch your shots.


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exactley the same ...too many thing's are wrong this year

and people were moaning last year it's took me a while to realise, but under the gloss exterior, the heart of the game is not as good as last year


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not really, it's not that hard to clean your sheet.
it's just that it is easier to attack rather than to defend


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I've had plenty of clean sheets, mostly 1-0 or 2-0 victories, as well as a good number of 1-0 or 2-0 defeats. I've also had a few one sided games for and against me and a few unnaturally high scoring games for both sides. The most common score line seems to be 2-1 though, or maybe 1-1.

Move along, nothing strange to see here, seems perfectly normal to me.

OK, yes it can be difficult to win and yes the AI will have a much higher goals per shot ratio than you, it can be frustrating and a little unrealistic, but it's a game. Keep at it, you'll adapt & improve. There's good advise on improving your defending on these forums, have a scan.


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Same as JohnSound, most of my ML matches end with 1-0 wins to me or 1-0 loss, no one ever scores more than 2 goals, but then I only play maximum 10 minutes in ML mode.