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bloody bug in master league training


Registered User
grrr, I was training my players in the off season of master league, I was about to finish the shooting training for my last player when suddenly, the advantage logo appeared and the whistle sounded right after my player passed the ball to my shooter. then the ball moved by itself to god knows where, and the screen turned black, and I waited for 5 minutes but nothing happened.

is this an isolated case or what?
a good 30mins down the drain.


Registered User
Ouch...reminds me of one time, I was playing with a mate, and I had the ball in his penalty area. One of his defenders gave my attacker a little nudge, not enough for a foul but it was noticeable. The referee blew, the screen went black for a while and I got a free kick in the centre circle!

Stevie Baby

Village Idiot
I've had something similar. I was passing the ball (in a match) around the semi circle, when all of a sudden the whistle blew and a goal had been awarded to the other team. Thankfully it was offside, but how that happened I'll never know.


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17 Matches in the ML and 1/2 way through the 18 match, everything went black and the game wouldnt come back. Didnt save those 17 and 1/2 matches and they where all gone. 2 other funny things that happen reguarly in my game is that the referee goes missing during the game and all you see is his shadow from the sun or floodlights running around. Also for some reason when ever i'm playing my friend and he has a goal kick his keeper runs up to the opposite box for some reason. but you cant pass to him or control him in any way at all.