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Bolloxmasta's Xbox 360 V2 Patch Out Now


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I've just burnt this and tested it and I've got to say a massive thank you to Bolloxmasta for all the hard work. This is how the game should be and I can now play with Liverpool and hear chants like I were at a game.

you can donate if you want m8 ,, bolls put a lot of time into this get patch its up to you :)


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i have rvoc_s (spanish version) in the master league in negotations search for groups error help please


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bolloxmasta,u planning on adding new scoreboards that other boy has posted for your patch,dunno what ones are working so gonna wait till they're added as an update maybe?


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i have rvoc_s (spanish version) in the master league in negotations search for groups error help please

i will fix my rvc0_s and re upload it, but there is a fix for master league rv0c_e which u can download and use the files out of that

so download rv0c_e
open in ggs
exort unnamed 75 and 86(master league logos)
open yr rvc0_s in ggs an import these 2 files over same files

this will fix ML freeze


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i have testet the burned disk today.And it works with all the logos and leauges no freezes.And the language of the game is still german.If you want to edit the files for your language look at page 14.


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Stupid question:

I can see all the German teams inside "Other Teams".
I don't see Bundesliga when I try to start a League or anywhere else than this.
Is this correct? Is this how it is supposed to be?
Because I was running through cv05.img I think, and I found Bundesliga logo, but don't see it in the game...

Thanks in advance,


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not a fix but new feature

now available to buy most players in master league as some werent available to buy ie, wolfsburgs and few other german teams

most are now available but still workin on it;13008531;/fileinfo.html

just import new cv02 over current one in ggs

Hy mark, does it work for you? If i edit the unnamed6 with 0000, some A-K teams in ML have the players from Austria. What have you do?

Come on ICQ please


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Lovely but if you search on youtube you can find much better chants. One in CL match vs. Liverpool is much better I think.
"Kartal Gol Gol Gol " was fantastic and sound was crystal clear.

I have used fans from that match..

But about the quality there are two problems.. First is, that u can actualy save all the chants in 22 khz quality.. So it can not sound as on the youtube, but belive me, it is hard to recognise.. It doesnt sound that good becouse of my camera..

Bollox> Some people ask about themes, shall i tell them that they can find your patch over-here? :erm: