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Boot problem...the studs are deadly spikes!!

Evo Supanova

Registered User
i installed Starist's latest bootpack and most of the boots have big black spikes for studs.

i used to have this problem in PES4 and i fixed it, but i can't remember now how i did.

any help?

Evo Supanova

Registered User
i've sorta fixed the problem now, i edited all the boots individually.

i played the game and checked all the different boots, i noticed the Total 90 III boots were ok, so i used MSPaint to copy the studs from them over to the other boots and changed the colours.

then put them into the game individually using Graphic Studio.

i used to put together my own boots for PES4 and i just remembered how this morning so i've been adding my own preferences (all boots were made by other people though) this morning.

any idea where i can find more boots (bitmaps etc.) for PES5?


hey people you will be sick of people asking this now. but you will be no more sicker then me trying to do this. how do i put the boots in the game with gg studios? please has anyone got a good instructions on how to do this i have searched and followed them but no luck. has any one got a video on how to do this or a picture instruction. please thanks so much.