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Champions League is rigged.


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Despite being sacked 15-20 times in this game I've managed to win every trophy that Barnsley can win. Except for two.

The International Champions Cup, and Champions League.

I don't care about The International Champions Cup because I rarely get a crack it it. But after 1,400 hours playing this game, and about 20 attempts at winning the Champions League trophy, I've noticed that it can't be done.

I've only made it to the final once and lost 2-1 because of Mohamed Salah's insane abilities.

My defense and offense are always ranked in the top 3 in Premier League, but it doesn't matter when you enter that tournament. Your team magically becomes useless on both offense and defense.

The AI can score from any angle, any distance, any time it wants to.

Champions League is fixed.


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Never mind.

I finally won Champions League.

And the International Champions Cup.

All trophies won.

I should mention that all 1,385 hours played were done watching them in Coach Mode. I love that mode for its unpredictability. Sure, I could probably play the games myself and win trophies much easier, but where's the fun in that?

Also this was done with a 16-man roster. Each player on the team is a different age, ranging from age 16 to 31.

At the end of each season the oldest player (who is 32) is sold and replaced by a 16-year old.

Conveyor belt strategy.