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Classic Faces

josh the gent

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Ferenc Puskas

Skin: 1/4/7/7
Head: 0/+3/+2/-4/+5
Build: +2/-2/+1/-1/+4/-5/+2/+1/-2/3
Brows: 11/+1/0/+3/same as hair/+4/0/+2/+5/+4/+4
Eye: 10/14/+5/+1/-5/-1/+1/+4/2/-2/0/+1/+5/+1/-2/-5/+5
Ear: -1/-3/+3
Nose: 2/-1/+2/+2/0/-3/+2/-2/0
Mouth: 1/1/-3/+3/+1/+1/+2/+4
Facial Hair: 30/grey/+0
Hairstyle: Short/Straight/73/ colour: 20/16/12

My .png of him won't attach, but enjoy anyway!!


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Hi Josh:)

very good face
I've create the player PUSKAS in my game, but without his face
So, I've added your puskas's face on him.
thank you very much :w00t

josh the gent

Registered User
Found a number of really great faces that are freely available in the posts below.

All credit to the youtube creators:


Max Buss