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Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players


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Dani Alves is rocking a blonde mohawk at the copa america.

i use Polak (Czech NT) for his new hair

jarolim looks good


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Hi guys, i have in my possession a compilation of 359 players faces and hairs combinations that i'm going to desplay and place here at the forum, it contains faces from premier ligue, italian,french,portuguese,spanish and brasilian leagues, but first i need 1 face to complete my facepack, if someone could help i'd be thanxfull, the face is:

Tiago ferreira(SCP)-,r:12,s:17&biw=1280&bih=705

GC II Messi

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How do you base copy 2 times and keep the face/hair of the first one?

Nevermind looked at first post and read it clearer :L


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Ricky Alvarez => D.Milito hair
Javi Garcia => Tamudo hair - Perrota face

Anyone know of a good Rannochia and Lehmann hair and face combinations?


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hey I was looking for some classic player face combinations, who has some?

btw I use Demichelis face (Malaga) + Coupet hair (PSG) for Fernando Redondo (Classic Argentina)


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@ mahdi_iraq i just posted one above on page 105 that hair is replicating his on the champions league final

EDIT: o sorry ive just seen your pic of messi and his hair it totally different now, ill be sure 2 help you find it