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Commentary .......


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Alright guys,

We all know the commentary on Pro has never been anything good and this year its the same.

However, I want to find out what bit of 'commentary' pisses you off the most?!

Mine is a choice of 3...

1) Where he just shouts "NOW!"
2) Where he asks "Guess Who?"
and 3) When he says, "He couldn't hit a barn door, let alone the corner flag" - this really annoys me cos why would some one want to hit the corner flag !


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I hate Mark Lawrenson, im so glad they ditched him :)

The commentry has never been anything brilliant on Pro evo, i hate the "barn door thing too" lol.

Fact is that the commentry in pro evo should atleast try and stop repeating itself during "1 MATCH" in some games i can here the same comment made atleast 3 times, kinda crap tbh. Pro evo also need to sort the fans out too, they are so old. They need to start trying getting genuine premiership chants like, why why why delilah for example :D
Although the croud and commentry remain pretty useless, the game this year is hands down the best pro evo i have ever owned and i have owned them all from the snes days :)


Use commentaries from a language you don't speak. You understand when they pronounce the player names, but that's about it. Then there's not much else to be annoyed about. I personally prefer German or Spanish commentaries, and I don't understand any of them :)


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Japanese John Kaibra-san is fantastic, always select/download his comms for ProEvo. This year, as ever, his commentary is BY FAR is the most detailed - compare 1.2GB for Japan comm against 400Mb Spanish and 420 English comms. The man is simply amazing- cool, funny, emotional- to listen to! And I dont understand a word of japanese (well apart from Sayanora, Komichiwa and shooto and intercepto:)

Highly recommended!!!