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Criteria for Divisions, Champions League & Earning $$$


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Hey guys!

I would like to know if someone can please explain to me the following:

01) What is the criteria for the Promotion / Relegation in Master League Online? PS: I have currently 455 PTS and in Div 4... but I still did not understand how I got promoted and how to be able to reach Div 3.

02) When do Champions League Tournaments take place? I saw one that happened last Sunday at started at 22:10, however, since then I did not see another tournament like this (700 players allowed, all divisions and 20,000,000 $$$ prize)? Does anyone know if this tournament is available every day, just on weekend or WHAT?

03) I honestly cannot understand how the MONEY SYSTEM works on MLO. If I play a Div 4 tournament and lose a match I get 1,200,000, if I draw I get 1,500,000 and if I win 1,800,000. Most people have the likes of Ibrahimovic, Pato, Aguero, Arshavin, Messi, C. Ronaldo and etc... how those people managed to get teams worth 500,000,000 or more???? The game has been out since what... the 14 / 21 October and A LOT OF PEOPLE... I MEAN A LOT OF PEOPLE... have ALL SUPER STARS TEAMS!!!!!
I am struggling to just pay my players and keep a 11 starting team.

04) WHY DOES THE FORM OF THE PLAYERS CHANGE ALL OF THE SUDDEN? Last week and for 4 days straight my players were most on PURPLE AND BLUE ARROW... hence the fact... I choose NOT TO PLAY. What would be the point anyway when Ruskin on RED can OUTRUN Pato on Blue! That's NOT POSSIBLE however it happens!

05) THE LACK OF REALISM cracks me up: I ended up beating teams with ONLY SUPER STARS PLAYERS by having a defense made of Ruskin, Jaric, Stremer and Micah Richards. Once I bet a guy with 10 players (could not pay an extra player and had no money) and he had Messi, Pato, C.Ronaldo and Eto'o upfront!!!! THEN AGAIN... today I lost against a guy that had Petorbenov + DEFAULT SQUAD by 2-0. THIS IS SO UNREALISTIC IS PATHETIC. Ball up on my defender... SHABAM... traditional player stops looking the ball go over the air (mine) and scores. Cannot understand how this happens as I keep pressing the cursor for my player to run... however... this "little stop" has happend AT LEAST 1,000 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any help on the key poinst above would be great.