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Defending player quicker than Attacker


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this is dumb if my lennon can get destroyed by oshea in speed then thats bs its like there is no need for speed at all its dumb


Stop running straight lines towards goal, start using long touches and do not always sprint non stop. If your player has good acceleration, take advantage of it.

I have no problems with the defender catch up, I kinda like it because it creates a certain nerve. But on the other hand you never get to lob the keeper because you're almost always shooting while pressured...


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yea I just got the game this friday, and like every years, it take a couple of days to get used to the gameplay and to be able to score on a regular and natural basis, but right now im having a hard time scoring and beating defenders on the wing is a real mess(tbh it remind me of FIFA) just the way CPU just get back to you and steal you ball, its automatic, once you beat the cpu and you see him chasing back at you , as soon as hes close to you , its automatic , you will get bullied off the ball...

its a shame that konami got this part of the game wrong...


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yh i dont care even if u do run in striaght lines people like terry or vidic or bramble shudent catch up to lennon walcott even ronaldo


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this is the perfect time to play a 1-2..

if you have space, dribble. if you are being tightly marked move the ball and make a run. as people have said you should be a lot faster without the ball than dribbling.


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This is BS!

Not only you are out-paced but out-muscled.... Rooney gets thrown around like a puppet even though he is facing CBs with 78 balance...

All the advantage is on the defensive side.