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do u play pre-season matches in ml?

do you play pre-season friendlys in master league?

  • yes, i do play pre-season matches

    Votes: 19 57.6%
  • no, can't be bothered

    Votes: 13 39.4%
  • don't do master leagues.

    Votes: 1 3.0%

  • Total voters


Registered User
when you finish the season, there are some pre-season matches that u can play. i was just wondering if people actually bother with them. by playing pre-season matches, does it affect the future performances by the team during the next season to play.




Registered User
I like to play pre-season matches just to see how good my new signings are, apart from that I think they're pretty pointless


Registered User
well they aren't pointless....a usually play them if i don't have enough money for the players salary.....u can get some by winning in those matches


Registered User
I do it to try out new players and develop my players.. plus u can get alot of money when u play against the special teams( all star and stuff).


Registered User
I do it for Developing young players, Trying out new signings and also I play against teams that have players that are on my List. I usually play Pre-Season matches in the last 4 of the 8 slot things.


Registered User
I usually do two pre-season matches on slot 4 and slot 8. Primarily I do this just to check out tactics and new line-ups, integrating new signings accordingly.


Registered User
u get money for playing team?

im screwed for wages at the end of the season so any would help :w00t


Registered User
I can't be bothered to play pre-season matches.

You have to remember that the transfer window is opened at the same time and that's what I concentrate on - getting players in and getting players out.

Playing matches in between those transfers will only complicate things. And besides, your players don't develop as much during pre-season matches as they would from playing in league matches so there's no point really in playing the pre-season games.


Registered User
How does playing a Friendly in the middle of a transfer window complicate things? You are still informed if your negotiations are successful.


Registered User
How does playing a Friendly in the middle of a transfer window complicate things? You are still informed if your negotiations are successful.

There are 8 different opportunities to negotiate a fee and contract with a player you want to sign.

If in between offering a club a transfer fee and negotiating a contract with a player, you decided to play a friendly and then come back from that friendly only to find out that the player has rejected you; then I'd call that a waste of 1 opportunity to sign someone. :erm:

If a player rejected me the first time, then I'd exit the ML, re-load my game and try to negotiate again with the same player. That way I increase my chances of signing the player I want without the need to progress further through the transfer window.

It's all about convenience with me. ;)


Registered User
I used to play against the Galacticos, Goalies, Ox etc. but not anymore. It is frankly just a waste of time for me.


I drink your Milkshake
If I have a player who needs a goal or two in order to lead the all time scorer chart then and only then will I have a friendly. Most of the off season is used to fish in top talent.